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How to Have Fun at a Live House

If you’re looking for something new to experience that’s fun, exciting, but not physically taxing, then a night at a local Live House is just what you need. Think of it as going to a concert without the thick crowd or nosebleed seats. Get a chance to experience watching musicians play their music right in front of you while you enjoy a drink or two.

These live houses were originally conceptualized in Japan where their bars double as a venue for music performances. Think of this maybe like the same kind of venue where you’ll find open mic nights for stand ups or poetry reading. But instead of listening to poetry or comedy, you’ll have the opportunity to hear music from a variety of genres. Pick your flavor – whether it’s rock, jazz, country, or pop, you’ll easily find a good place to enjoy the music.

Let’s say you’re a country fan, but never gave much care for jazz, give it another shot by trying out a live house that hosts jazz nights. The performers are most probably locals that have been practicing their craft for years. Perhaps their take on the genre can give you a new perspective. Not only will you give the unfamiliar genre a shot at good appreciation, you’ll also be able to support a local musician who’s living their passion.

If you’re having a stressful week, let go of your worries and kick back in one of these live houses. It may be more rewarding than you may initially think. Instead of going clubbing or bar hopping, or balling up at home and binge-watching, A live house can be a one-stop shop for a great evening. You can have dinner and drinks while watching the performers. Spend the night there with a couple of friends, and you’ll be in good company that will surely recharge your spirits quickly.