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The Practicalities of Pets ( +Tips for Free Stuff )

Kid With His Pet Rat In Shirt Sleeve

Pets are a fascinating piece of human culture as a whole. Almost every society on earth has a history of domesticated animals. While these beasts originally had an intrinsic purpose, i.e., sheepdogs and other herding animals, or cats for vermin control, these relationships have evolved into more emotional ones, leading to simple companionship. Today, cats and dogs are the most popular pets in the world, occupying millions of homes. They are staples of culture and media, and have been so for tens of millions of years. The benefits of owning animals are many, and range from the practical to the sentimental. Within this curated list you’ll be provided with a plethora of reasons why you should personally look into owning an animal of your own. 

Health Reasons 

If you own a dog or cat, then you know how wild they can get. Besides breeds that have breathing issues due to their flat faces, most dogs get incredibly rambunctious when left indoors. Walking your dog twice a day keeps you active and getting fresh air, providing better heart health overall due to increased cardio. Getting a pet is almost guaranteed exercise, as the feeling of guilt when you don’t take your pet out is even worse than the financial damage that might be caused by your frustrated husky eating your couch. 

Statistically, people who own pets visit the doctor a fewer number of times per year than non-animal owning people. This could be due to increased exercise, but is also likely due to the unconditional love from animals that is characteristic of the human-pet bond. Pets look forward to you coming home, and can form powerful emotional bonds with their owners that you are likely to reciprocate. Just having a non-judgmental ear to vent to can be incredibly cathartic, even if it is to an animal. 

Social Benefits

Do you lament the fact that you never seem to meet people? Do you never get out of the house because you’re too lazy? Well, owning a pet can change that entirely. Not only does walking your dog instantly give you something to do, but it’s a perfect conversation starter for when you run into someone else doing the exact same thing. This likelihood of meeting someone is multiplied if you investigate local dog parks or cat cafes. And if you’re shy, your animal might not be – chances are they’ll run up and break the ice for you. 


Raising an animal can be a powerful tool, used to teach both you and your children responsibility and independence. By requiring your child to take responsibility for their pets, they’ll be taught reliability, nurturing skills, and autonomy, as well as get plenty of exercise. Providing them with an allowance can let them decide whether to spend the money on themselves, their animals, or figure out where to find free stuff for pets. In exchange, they’ll have a loving companion that they’ll remember for their entire life. And when the time comes that the animal dies, that death will come as a powerful lesson to your child about the cycle of life and death, and the never ending march of time. 

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