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A 2019 Guide to the Electric Chainsaw

Essential Craftsman Talks About Electric Chainsaws

Whether you’re an amaetur landscaper, professional logger, or just someone who likes to cut things to pieces, you’re going to need a chainsaw. And if you’re going to buy one, it might as well be the best, right? Taking into account the different types of chainsaw is important, as there are several on the market, with different uses.  So, while there may not be an overall perfect chainsaw, with unrivaled versatility and power, there are curated lists that mention all the different features one should expect from chainsaws, and you’re looking at one. This article will focus purely on chainsaws of the electrical type, and you can rest assured that this guide to electric chainsaws will help you find your perfect tool. 

1) Remington RM1425 Electric Chainsaw

This little humdinger of a machine is a valued entry to start off our list. Remington is a company well-versed in making equipment for the great outdoors, and doesn’t fail to show up with this compact but vicious tool. Incredibly lightweight and measuring 14 inches, the RM’s oiler provides lubrication at the press of a button, and like the button-started Prius, is nearly silent while idling. With a handguard that wraps around, you could even beat the heat and skip the gloves this summer if you’re feeling confident. If your landscaping plans involve trimming hedges or smaller sawing jobs, this machine just might be for you. 

2) BLACK+DECKER Lithium Ion Chainsaw

Lacking cords and weighing only 8 pounds, this entry in our list makes up for size with ruthless precision. Battery-powered and incredibly usable, the B & D brings efficient sawing capabilities to any project you need it for. It’ll fit right in your hands, and you’ll feel safe using it. Another powerful but compact addition to our list. 

3) Makita UC4051A Electric Chainsaw

Weighing in at a robust 14 pounds, the Makita is quite a heavy-hitting chainsaw. Built with speed in mind, its blade will slice and dice through even the densest of woods, making centuries-old mahogany feel like a dry spruce log. It includes a built-in heat limiter, in case you’re getting too intently focused on cutting your projects up, and has the ever-important safety feature of an electric chain brake. An automatic oiler makes buttons a thing of the past, and adds additional usability to this heavy machine. The downsides of this product are its weight, and the unfortunate truth that it is corded. There are no battery options either, so either you’re keeping projects close to home when you use this or you’re investing in lots and lots of extension cords. 

4) WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw

If your primary goal is lighting fires and clearing brush from around your home, then this chainsaw is likely the one for you. Versatile and easily maneuverable, this tool lets you handle small to medium size branches with ease, and will even let you get through a few bigger logs before your arms get tired. With a chain tensioner that acts automatically to tighten the blade, the WORX is an ideal choice for beginners who are starting to dive into more serious DIY tasks. 

5) GreenWorks 20312 Cordless Chainsaw Review

While number five on our list is as green as its name would imply, this saw is no stranger to tough taskwork. Cordless, yet with a long battery life offering 75-150 cuts per charge, this chainsaw is fully equipped with gadget after gadget. Besides a new and improved motor due to brushless technology and an automatic oiler, this saw offers nearly unrivalled ion-lithium tech, meaning a lot less vibration on your hands. As I’m sure you’re all familiar, the most grueling part of sawing isn’t the weight of the machine or the strength of the limb – it’s the struggle the machine gives you. The 20312 helps cut down on that struggle, promising a smooth sawing experience. 

6) DEWALT 4AH Lithium Brushless Chainsaw

 Featuring a brand name as familiar to handymen as Aunt Jemima is to breakfast connoisseurs, the DEWALT 4AH chainsaw brings with it quite a reputation that it more than lives up to. Feeling and cutting like a gas-powered saw, this virtual imposter is as cordless and electric as a cell phone. It too features a motor with brushless technology, as well as automatically dispensing oilers. And instead of a typical quiet idle, this machine rapidly powers down when not actively being cut to save on battery life. Low-noise and low hassle, this chainsaw is up there with the best of them, as it often seems to be doing all the work for you.