Ryan Bishop’s trailblazing path to success in the cannabis industry

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An ever-increasing awareness and understanding of the medical potential that cannabis can offer has led to a shift in attitudes over the last decades. The laws and regulations that had previously prohibited marijuana have become more relaxed over time and several states have opted to legalize the plant; with more considering similar measures for the future as further evidence comes to light. With this relatively new freedom, cannabis has quickly developed into a thriving industry. Serial entrepreneur, Ryan Bishop, has built his cannabis empire in the wake of the changes to how cannabis is being regulated.

Coming from a background in health care, Ryan first became involved in the cannabis industry in 2010, when he opened a center that provided medical cannabis cards to patients in Arizona. A few years later he went on to co-found Bloom Dispensaries in the state of Arizona and it rapidly became one of the top companies in the industry. From there he moved on to the much larger organization, Tryke Companies, which worked across several state lines and focused on opening new retail locations. Ryan was the Director of Retail for Tryke and was part of the team responsible for obtaining several retail licenses for the state of Nevada, two of which included locations close to the strip in Las Vegas.

Sensing a greater uptake and demand nationwide, Bishop launched CannaFam Packaging in 2015. The company specializes in custom branded packaging that is compliant with state regulations and currently supplies some of the largest cannabis distributors in America. Having positioned himself as a standout figure in the cannabis industry, Ryan added a licensing agency to his packaging business, called Dope Nation. They currently collaborate with high profile artists, celebrities and athletes to create custom-branded cannabis strains and celebrity-endorsed products to generate even greater brand awareness.

Ryan Bishop remains conscientious and responsible in his approach to the cannabis trade, which spurred him on to create his latest venture, Cannaris Analytical Labs. Cannaris Labs are focused on the testing and analysis of cannabis products for both the medical and recreational markets to ensure safety and consistent quality for consumers and patients alike. Ryan’s innovative approach to the industry is paving the way for higher standards in a previously neglected area of research. He explains that “Cannaris Labs [already] has many multi-state large organizations that depend on us to provide consistent testing no matter what state we are in and to follow their expansion footprints as well.”

The cannabis industry is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Ryan Bishop has trailblazed his way to the top of the industry, becoming one of the main players, his cannabis empire is at the forefront of this growth. With his businesses touching on every aspect of the industry from retail to packaging, research, and development, testing and analysis he is primed for longevity in the booming world of cannabis.

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