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Mastering the Art of Public Speaking – Alex Lombard

Most people dread the thought of speaking in front of a large audience, and rightfully so. After all, nobody wants to embarrass themselves in front of a crowd. However, if you’re in a leadership position, it is critical to be a good public speaker. Entrepreneurs, especially, need to be great and inspiring public speakers; for it is their job time and again, to represent their ideals and goals through a public platform.

Arizona-based Alex Lombard was always sure that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. While several people are in awe of his entrepreneurial skills, not many know that he is a prolific public speaker as well. In addition to ruling the digital space with his online presence, he is also an excellent public orator. Since coming under the limelight for his work in the digital media space, Alex has been invited to speak at a number of events and conferences, where he has conveyed his message effectively to entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike. Alex has stated that his goal is to use his personal story to not only inspire other entrepreneurs, but to also give them the tools and resources they need to succeed. In order to achieve this goal, the best medium at hand is the forum of speeches and keynotes.

But how does Alex aim to inspire millions with his speeches? He is well aware that in order to strike a chord with his audience and deliver a message that will stay with them long after they have left the venue, he needs to touch upon the topics that will resonate with those listening to him. Keeping his audience in mind, Alex mostly speaks in depth on topics such as entrepreneurship, business strategies and social media. He then adds a personal touch to every speech by blending in the story of his personal successes and failures, past ventures and future endeavors. From a few hundreds to several thousands, Alex has had the opportunity to address and reach out to a variety of audiences.

It’s been a while since Alex started publicly addressing people from all walks of life. Not many know that it was only three years since that he first stood on a stage to share his story and insights with the world. Since then, Alex has addressed millions of people, impacting each of their lives in his own unique way. In fact, just recently, he was a headline speaker at The Shin Dig in Banff, Canada. At this event, he shared his secrets on how to become an Instagram influencer to a crowd of beginner entrepreneurs.

Now that Alex is well on the public speaking path, he hopes to inspire many more people by sharing with them with the wisdom he has amassed over the years. He also wants to continue achieving new milestones in the digital space, while setting an example for aspiring influencers and helping them  achieve their true potential.