Vince van Meer’s rollercoaster journey from YouTube star to running a multi-million-dollar business

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The advent of the internet in conjunction with social media marketing and assorted platforms has redefined the manner in which the world does business today. From social media influencers to bloggers and professional YouTube channels, brands have a variety of new outlets that help them connect with their audience. There are numerous young adults who have created multiple businesses in this realm. Vince van Meer is one such individual who has established multiple businesses that rake in 7 to 8 digits at an extremely young age.

Vince was born on July 13th 1995, in the Netherlands. He studied interactive design with an emphasis on building apps, animations, games, websites and graphic design. At the age of 15, being an avid gamer, he started his own YouTube channel in English. Vince garnered a massive following, while his videos were viewed hundreds and thousands of times. He spent his weekends working at McDonald’s to understand how it is to work full-time. Eventually, he took a break from his YouTube channel so that he could pursue internet and social media marketing during his 2nd year of college.

The turning point in Vince’s life was when he sold all his things and borrowed $300 from his grandfather to set up his own office. With no clients, no revenue stream, and no website, he started from scratch and thus began his entrepreneurial journey.

Vince first delved into social media when he set up his Instagram account in 2013. He began exploring various techniques and strategies to help boost growth at a rapid pace. Vince’s drive and passion led him to build an empire as an influencer with several brands approaching him for assistance. Apart from e-commerce and social media marketing, Vince continues to focus on building apps. His passion for building apps led him to develop several of them, which were later white labeled by companies. Even today, Vince makes millions by building and selling apps.

Vince has always been an entrepreneur at heart and realized that regular 9 to 5 jobs did not fascinate him much. While speaking on what made him choose the path of entrepreneurship; he said, “For me, it has always been very important to have flexibility and freedom. I wanted to work from wherever I want, as I love traveling. I’ve always liked being in business and working on my own projects, in my own time.”

Vince has achieved a great deal at the young age of 23, making him one of the youngest millionaire entrepreneurs in the world today. Despite his success, Vince continues to upgrade his own skill set while setting his sights on the future. He is currently building several apps and we can only wonder how his work will impact the world.

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