How to Organize Your Garage from Top to Bottom

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You have the best intentions in the world to keep your garage clean and organized.   But then, a hectic schedule and a busy life can make it hard for you to stay on top of things, manage organization and keep your garage items accessible.  For help on how to turn things around and start organizing your stuff from top to bottom, here are useful tips for you.

What purposes your garage is going serve

The entire garage should have a purpose. It is one of the best ways in pre-organizing it in the first place. Or else, you’ll spend much effort and time in the process without a solid vision.

You should make a plan like making garage zones.  But before you do it, de-clutter the space while having a goal in mind. What do you want to do in this area?   Think about possible zones in the garage while trying to de-clutter it.

For example is a car parking zone, one of the major goals for many people. Plan carefully for your vehicle space and achieve peace of mind with a de-cluttered garage.

And once you have executed your plan, you can manage any future organization through giving each member of the family a space for him/herself.    

For example, there must be a spot for toys, sports supplies and bikes, to name some.  There should also benches for taking care of baskets and other accessories and hooks for hanging tools and benches.

Also, there must be a space to keep outdoor items like in a garage shed in which you can place your items and organize them.    It is a good storage area where to keep the supplies and tools for small projects, too.

Categorize and create a place for everything

Just as mentioned, you can consider making zones in your garage so that there can be a place for everything. One of the best ways to make it possible is using storage solutions, such as cabinets.

For example, a popular choice  are metal storage cabinets, which are secure and sleek solutions for your garage because they can offer storage space while also protecting your items from damage.

If you don’t have them yet, you can consider investing in one or two depending on the scope of your storage needs. But if you already have a metal or any other type of cabinets in the garage or in the basement that you have not used in a while, you can consider doing cabinet refacing.

It involves replacing the skins, including the drawer fronts or replacing doors. It may also include replacing of drawer pulls, handles and hinges.

Metal cabinets also look elegant and sleek and can store a wide range of objects, including household cleaners and sports equipment.

Speaking of a place for everything, which is one of the secrets of organizing the garage like using cabinets, you can also consider a space for bulky items like weed whackers, shovels and rakes – the wall. It can be the ideal space to hang bulky items in screw hooks that can handle the items’ weight. And if you think the space in your garage is not enough for you to keep clean and organized, you could spring for a cheap self-storage unit. That way, you don’t have to worry about making room for those less important items! 

Integrating garage storage lift into your setup is another innovative solution to maximize space, especially for those heavier, seldom-used items that can be hoisted overhead, leaving your floor space clear and your items neatly out of the way.

Don’t forget about accessories

Organizing your garage from top to bottom also includes keeping accessories in their own storage.  These are the items or things you have decided to keep in the garage while decluttering.

A few of those you may have and want to keep include nuts and bolts, nails,  garden and lawn supplies and tools, sports equipment and tools, which are also touched on earlier. 

Other things may also include seasonal items like pool supplies, holiday decorations and other occasionally used things.

Designate them in storage solutions based on their category so that you can access them easily once needed. That is needless to say, you should keep similar category items in the same place.

For example, you may want to use a multi-drawer storage cabinet for small parts.   Alternatively, you can place small items into containers to prevent them from being scattered and loose. Containerize all small items, period.

It would also help to use bins and boxes for other things to prevent bugs and mice from damaging them. You can also use stackable plastic containers instead of cardboard for better durability.

Follow these garage organization tips and spend less the time you used to in accessing and finding your stuff starting today!

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