Leguan’s Innovation of Spider Access Platforms

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For those new to Leguan, the company is a manufacturer of a range of access platforms. The company is subsidiary of Avant Tecno and has been around for over 25 years. In 1994, Leguan became the first company to manufacture a compact access platform complete with outriggers. Today, these machines are more commonly referred to as spider access platforms. This article looks at the current range of Leguan spiders and the innovations the company has made with regards to this technology.

The current line-up includes four base models, each offering a range of unique benefits. The range includes the Leguan 125, Leguan 135 Neo, Leguan 165 and the Leguan 190. Let’s now take a look at the key technological innovations that have been incorporated into each of these machines.

Leguan 125

This spider is a lightweight alternative to the rest of the range. As with all other Leguan spiders, it is self-propelled and suitable for professional use. Over the years, the 125 has been used on countless construction sites and for building maintenance purposes.

The Leguan 125 offers reliable Honda and Kubota engines. It can even be specified with a 230 V electric propulsion system. With this alternative power source, all functions of the machine (including operation of the outriggers and booms) can be powered with the electric motor alone when connected to the mains. This makes it an ideal choice for interior building maintenance.

Leguan 135 Neo

The 135 Neo is a self-propelled spider with a patented boom design and was the first spider from Leguan to feature a telescopic boom. The boom has a maximum platform load of 250 kg and can achieve an outreach of 6.6 m at this capacity. An even greater outreach of 7.1m can be achieved with a smaller load of up to 120 kg, making the access platform highly versatile.

Light and narrow, the 135 Neo is easily transported and is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. It can fit through doorways that are 0.89 m or wider.

Leguan 165

The Leguan 165 was designed with heavy duty professionals in mind and features a number of innovations when it comes to durability. The spider’s four-wheel drive system offers greater performance outdoors whilst a longer wheelbase, stable chassis and more power in the drive system helps to improve driveability.

A key feature of the Leguan 165 is the fact it features a stronger boom with bigger lifting cylinders. This provides the operator with a more stable control and smoother operation of the boom.

Leguan 190

Currently the largest Leguan spider available, the 190 is the company’s flagship model. It offers outstanding working height along with many other innovations.

A key innovation of the Leguan 190 is the introduction of an automatic levelling system. This makes setting up the access platform a fast and effortless process. The system works with a single push of a button and is highly accurate, even on sloped surfaces.

The Future

The technologies detailed above show how Leguan has been a key innovator within the access industry over the last 25 years. The future looks bright for the company and we look forward to seeing new innovations over the coming years.

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