The importance of protecting your children from the internet

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Protecting your children has never been as difficult as it was once before. Back in the good old days, a parent needed to ensure that their child was safe from predators and danger based on their physical well-being. That is why parents always tell you to let them know where you are and if you’re going to be late, it’s for your well-being as well as their peace of mind. For there is nothing worse than losing your child to the world and becoming a stager, except for having to bury your own children. We all need to at this moment take a step back and realize that children are, but a gift from God, and if you truly love something then just let it be.

Coming back to the heart of the matter which is not only loving your children but also keeping them safe. We lock the doors and tell them not to talk to strangers yet we ourselves purchase theme the devices that allow them to connect to the internet exposing them to the unseen strangers of the internet. It is true that the internet is an amazing learning tool that allows people to connect with one another from a great distance and foreign locations.


Parental control exist for cable and internet for a reason and that is to safeguard your child against inappropriate material, however, it doesn’t teach safe internet practices. When computers were first introduced to our school they had parental and internet limitations in place, however, pornography, violent video games, and inappropriate websites were still accessible once you figured it out. Around the same time, you started hearing about children being lured by an online predator to a remote location and being taken or worse.

Not all parents are good parents and unfortunately, it does take time to good at parenting, that’s why bad parents exist. Not only do we need to teach our children to safe internet practice but we also need to teach them how to trust their parents. The current generation of millennials is the most connected generation of all time with constant knowledge at their figure tips however they still don’t know how to trust in one another and connect with one another. 

Social face to face interaction is important since in real life you can’t just block someone at your hearts bequest. What really matters is who you are and the belief of value that you contribute even if you don’t contribute anything at all. Everyone is taught to believe that matter and even if you exist to do nothing, you still exist, therefore you serve a purpose and that purpose is existing so it matters.

Children need to trust their parents and parents need to trust their children for that is the only way in which we can truly protect them. Parenting in the digital age is difficult but it is not impossible if you know what you’re doing. Not munched has changed in the way of parenting and even though the technology has you should never feel overwhelmed and lost.


As the saying goes driving is not a right but a privilege then so is the internet. The simple fact is until your child is 18 they are your responsibility, and can’t obtain services such as the internet on their own. You as a parent decided on how to expose them to the internet, however, don’t take too long or the world around them will.

We all want to be a celebrity and be know and yes there are those that want to just be as they are for who they are. Justine Bieber is a product of online fame since he was discovered via his manager who discovered him on YouTube. Internet fame is rare and it works for some but not all. Just as we teach them to conduct themselves in a pilot manner we also need to teach good online manners and introduce them to the internet and technology at a reasonable age.


There is no right or wrong time to introduce your child to the internet and electronic devices just like there is no right or wrong time to teach your child to ride a bike or go on a date. At the end on the day, it’s all about how you parent your child and their readiness. Based on your lifestyle you may expose them internet and device while they are still a newborn just a few weeks old.

Extremely young children will start to notice machines, lights, and the colors that surround theme from various electronic devices in their lives. During the age of 1 or 2, your child will start to understand cause and effect in terms of how they use gadgets that you have given to theme such The Farmer Says which is a delight for children yet still around today. At the age of 3 or 4 based on your child’s readiness, you can introduce them to the family computer. Don’t expect too much right away when they first get their hands on the keyboard and mouse, however, don’t be surprised when they take off as they figure out how things work with clicks and taps.


They should still not be able to access the internet but at this age, they wouldn’t know what to do even if they did have access. The age of 10 years or above is the right time to introduce them to the internet based on their readiness however they should only go online under the supervision of an adult. This is the right time to introduce your children to safe non-adult websites and how to safeguard their documents. Safe online practices are just as important as protecting data and should not be overlooked. The age of is 13 is the official cut-off age under the Children’s Privacy Protection Act. This means that your child is old enough to understand what information that they should and should not share with others.

Social media and other tools should be introduced to your children after the age of 15 and only if they’re ready. They should know who to talk and what information to share before this age this shouldn’t even need to go online unless it’s for online gaming; in which case they should still be monitored. Remember it is you who decides when your child should have their first smartphone and once again it is you who will be paying for that telephone bill. Good practice such as not using your cell phone while at the dinner table should be taught and practiced. Other practices include not sharing information such as the Wi-Fi password with friends and strangers.


Not only are good online practices required to keep your child safe but strong antiviruses and malware protection are also required. Free options work just as well as the paid options, however, the paid options take up fewer resources overall. If you happen to be on the fence about making a purchase make sure to contact your service provider and see if any free paid options are available. I know for a fact that Charter Spectrum includes a free security suite for all spectrum internet subscribers. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting you and your loved ones online.

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