You are searching for a VPN, right? Well, good for you!

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But, how would you choose the right VPN service when there are hundreds of services out there? Not to mention, the number is still growing.

After all, VPN is a billion dollar industry, and its market size is expected to hit an all-time high, i.e., 35.73 billion US dollar by 2022. So, it is a given that we will continue to see more and more VPN providers popping up in the market.

Regardless, finding a reliable VPN service provider doesn’t need to be hard, let alone daunting. If you wish to buy a VPN subscription which is not only safe but also a top player in the industry, read on this quick guide.

Evaluate Your Needs First

It should be noted that VPNs can serve a great number of purposes. From unblocking web services to fortifying online data security, VPN services can help you in many ways than you can ever imagine.

However, before you go for a VPN provider, it is best to assess your needs so you can make better decisions. For instance, if you are into unblocking websites or app services, you would need to look for a service provider that has servers in your desired locations.

Likewise, if you are planning to use a VPN for security purposes, you would need a service that uses super strong encryption, recommended protocols, DDoS protection, etc.

Let’s take a quick look at the checklist that you need to consider when determining your need:

  •         For users who want to bypass geo-restrictions, they need more VPN server locations.
  •         Security-conscious users should go for a VPN with good level of encryption.
  •         Privacy-conscious users need to look for features like IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, the high volume of anonymous IPs, etc.
  •         Online gamers should look for a VPN that promises to reduce ping and latency.
  •         Users who want to run the VPN on specific devices need to check out device compatibility.
  •         Streamers who want a VPN specifically for accessing US Netflix need a VPN that promises American Netflix access.
  •         So on and so forth.

8 Qualities to Check in a Reliable VPN

Now that we know how we can assess our need and use those aspects to look for a VPN let’s check out the top qualities that make a VPN reliable.

  •         Good reputation in the industry: First thing first, always check out the VPN service provider’s reputation in the market before subscribing. There are many ways you can go about it.

You can start by checking out the Google Play Store, Apple iTunes Store, and Trustpilot scores of the provider. For instance, a good and reliable VPN provider should have no lower than 9 out of 10 ratings on Trustpilot.

Likewise, you can find users’ comments and feedback on the same platforms, which will ultimately allow you to gain a better understanding of the VPN.

  •         Strongest encryption: Security is always the strongest suit of a VPN. In fact, security was the very purpose for which these tools were initially created.

Anyhow, a good VPN service should use at least 256-bit AES encryption mode, RSA-2048/RSA-4096 for handshake and SHA1/SHA256 for data authentication such as PureVPN.

Moreover, the VPN should also offer multiple protocols so that you can control how you want to use it.

  •         The highest number of servers and IPs: The number of VPN servers, locations as well as IP addresses can be the most important deciding factors. If you live in a country where there’s a lot of content blockage or unavailability of important services like WhatsApp or Skype, you would need a VPN that can offer you locations where those services are available. You can join the servers in those locations, get a local IP address, and access the service you want in your home country.

Therefore, make sure that the VPN service you are planning to choose covers multiple regions.

  •         Leak protection features: IP leak and DNS leak are critical problems that could expose your actual IP address as well as your location.

Unfortunately, some VPNs have IP leak problems, and you don’t know until you come across the problem while connected to a VPN. However, this problem is being fixed by many VPN providers. In fact, reliable services are even offering IP leak protection, DNS leak protection, and WebRTC leak protection to assure its users guaranteed anonymity.

  •         Secure and anonymous payment options: Since we mostly use a VPN service for privacy purposes, it is imperative that we keep the privacy-factor in mind while subscribing to the VPN service.

For that, it is important to make sure that the service offers anonymous payment options for users who are skeptic or conscious about their privacy. For instance, the provider should accept bitcoins or payments through other e-wallets to cater to such users.

  •         Responsive customer service: Customer service is often ignored by some VPN users when they are searching for or subscribing to a paid service provider.

Regardless, it is recommended that you should assess the customer support service of the VPN as well. After all, if you happen to come across any problem in future and the customer support isn’t readily available for help, you would end up pulling your hair out of frustration.

So, make sure that it has good reviews for customer support as well.

  •         Transparent privacy policy: A trustworthy VPN provider always offer a transparent privacy policy where they have discussed how they gather personal data and use it. Moreover, the privacy policy should also discuss the VPN’s no-log claims.
  •         Money-back guarantee: Reliable VPN services always provide money back guarantee to their users. After all, they have complete confidence in their services. PureVPN is amongst the rare few that offer no-questions-asked 31-day money-back guarantee.

Well, that’s all for now. I hope this guide helps you make the right decision when getting a VPN service.

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