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Five Facts You Should Know About Essay Writing Services

The number of students outsourcing their essays to professional writing services has never been higher. If you are in college today, chances are you or someone you know has used a professional essay writing service to complete an essay. But who are the people who devote their lives to writing college students’ papers for them? And is it even legal to buy essays online? In this article, we’ll take a look at five facts you should know about professional essay writing services in order to understand this dynamic and growing sector of the college tutoring and assistance industry.

Fact #1: Buying an Essay Is Completely Legal.

Online essay writing has a reputation for being a form of cheating, and many students even wonder if it is legal to buy an essay online. It turns out that it is completely legal to buy an essay online. The essay that you buy is covered by free speech rights, and anyone has the right to write an essay, and there is no law preventing you from purchasing someone’s essay to read for yourself. As long as you use any essay you buy for its intended purpose, you’ll stay on the right side of the law. That intended purpose, of course, is to serve as a model and example for you to use in writing your own essay.

Reputable online essay writing services will inform you that their work is not meant to be turned in as your own for academic credit. When in doubt, consult your school’s honor code to learn how you can work with and cite professionally written essays.

Fact #2: Professional Essay Writers Have Serious Training.

Online essay writing used to be an industry dominated by recent college grads and foreign writers who speak English as a second language. That’s because the combination of low pay and tight deadlines made it uninviting to people who needed to make serious money. But after the Great Recession and the collapse of the job market for highly trained and educated PhDs, many exceptionally qualified writers moved into online essay writing rather than take on more low-paying adjunct work. Today, the best online essay writing firms employ writers with Master’s degrees and PhDs who have years of experience writing exceptional essays for students just like you. Your paper has never been in better hands than it is today.

Fact #3: Professional Essay Writing Is Now an Industry.

The stakes for college have never been higher. Getting the right degree can open doors and create opportunities, multiplying a person’s income many times over across his or her lifetime. With the stakes so high, it’s no wonder that a huge industry of “college consultants” has arisen to provide advice and assistance at every level of the college process, from admissions to essays and coursework to graduation. But colleges are also getting more aggressive about policing exactly how much help students can get from essay writing services. A new program called Authorship Investigates examines the metadata of documents to determine whether the file was created by students and whether they wrote the essay themselves. That’s why it remains important to use custom written essays as a guide, not the final product.

Fact #4: More Professional Essay Writers Are Now in Located Right Here.

The best professional essay writing services no longer use writers located at the farthest reaches of the globe. Most professional writers are located in English-speaking countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK. As a result, it is now possible to find someone to write your paper in your own country. This means that you are more likely to find someone who will write in the style you would use yourself and with the grammar, spelling, and punctuation typical for your region rather than an international style that may not be appropriate for your paper.

Fact #5: Students Who Buy Essays Have a Better College Experience.

The average college student today is time-poor and faces an enormous number of burdens that make it difficult to find the time to write essays. When students have help overcoming the challenges of writing multiple challenging essays each week, they have more time to learn and have a better overall college experience. When you are relaxed and rested, you can absorb more information and get more out of your classes.