Sell My House – A Step-By-Step Instructional Guide

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One of the most important thing that homeowners who need to sell are looking for, is how fast they can sell it for the best price. Fortunately, with home buyers out there, the market has drastically changed over the years, and more importantly, there are a lot of companies out there who can list your home and even sell it for you, without being the typical real estate agent. In this guide, we’ll give you a checklist of how to sell your home the fastest way possible with Sell My House Easy Fast.

  1. Preparation
    Getting ready to sell your home, you need to get all of the paperwork ready and in order, as well as do any repairs that you know need done if you’re trying to increase the property value. Not only that, but this also means get rid of the clutter in your home so you can prepare it for staging later. Do the same for the outside of the home and even do some lawnscaping if needed to make it look top-notch.
  2. Inspections
    By getting your home appraised, and having a pre-sale inspection done, you can make sure you are going to list the right price for your home. If you’re wanting to get the best price possible for listing, you need to have someone come in an inspect. Not only that, but this can furthermore help you be aware of any repairs that you can make in order to market your home for a higher price.
  3. Listing Your House for Sale
    Once you’re done with the initial steps, you need to list yourself. You can choose a real estate agent, or list it yourself. Do know that when you’re trying to sell your house by yourself, you need to know more about how to market it properly and get the most out of it so you can reap the benefits of it. Use every single outlet (social media, classified websites, newspapers, and more). Generally, you’re going to spend more on advertising yourself out of pocket when you don’t go through an agent. Not only that, but you run the risk of your home taking longer to sell (if a real estate agent can’t get your home sold very soon, then you may want to switch companies).
  4. Stage Your Home
    This isn’t always necessary if you’re selling your home as-is, but generally it can still allow you some room to “upsell” that house in order to get the most out of it. No matter where you list it at, or even if a real estate agent is on your deal, doing some staging will never hurt when it comes to giving potential buyers an idea of what their new home “can” look like. You can even hire a professional (which we recommend) interior decorator who specializes in staging for this.


Because the real estate market is so diverse, it’s imperative that you get all your paperwork and facts straight. And don’t ever be afraid to do some marketing yourself, even if your home is listed with a real estate agency that you go with. By playing your cards right, and doing some suggestive sales, you can sell that home that you’re been wanting to sell quickly and efficiently, while reaping the most profit possible!

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