6 Reasons Why Players Love Rocket League

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Did you ever get the feeling that, when you turn on your console, something is whispering into your ears that you should prepare yourself for a long gaming session? This is how we feel when the Rocket League icon pops up, and we just cannot say no. It is impossible to say no. We started just with a couple of matches and the things escalated quickly. We tried to find out why people love to play this game so much and we came up with this top 6 reasons why players love Rocket League.

1. Easy and addictive

At the beginning you might face some difficulties regarding the controls and gameplay, but you can say this about any game that’s out there. With Rocket League, you will get familiar with the game faster than you would imagine, and eventually obsessed with the game but this is not a certain thing.

It may be complicated at first, but at the same time, it is a very easy to learn the game. It just takes a couple of games to master the controls and to start developing your own strategies. After you pass the initiation process its all about driving a car and trying to hit an enormous ball. From there you can start competing with the pros.

2. Have fun with Intense Games

It is a very competitive game and you are able to build teams of 2, 3 or 4 members depending on how good you are. Playing as a team, you have to consider playing both offense and defense. This is a very important aspect for the late game tactics. If you choose to play in a 4v4 game, a variety of potential strategies will be available. You and your team can put them to use while playing.

The average time of a Rocket League game is 5 minutes. This means that you can squeeze a quick game in, even if you are in a hurry or the girlfriend is waiting for you outside. Also, the thing that will make your heart go nuts is the sudden death overtime. We are not saying anything more about this.

3. Great tournaments

The more you get into the game, the more things will make you improve your skills. At a certain point you will consider joining a club. The benefits of being in a club is that you can always play together with your club and earn your rightful place high in the leaderboards. With this club, you can join tournaments and earn a lot of money.

4. Earn money by playing the Game

Rocket League have many customization options, and items. For example, you can choose different banners, goal explosions and etc.An awesome fact about this game is that you can benefit from the hundreds of hours invested in the game, on certain marketplaces on the internet. Eldorado.gg is a great place where you can trade a lot of Rocket League Items items or currencies and earn real money. Go check the platform and make some money. You can buy Rocket League Items, sell them for real money from trusted sellers. Lot of variety of Rocket League Items and customization options, makes Rocket League a unique and interesting game.

5. It makes you feel happy

It is a competitive online game like League or DOTA, but in Rocket League you can really feel the joy when you are scoring a goal. It is such an intense 5 minute experience and you can really feel like you are on a stadium. Every goal is important and you will celebrate it. Before launching the car after the ball, you will even stretch your own neck. This is how intense it is.

6. It is not going to end soon

The game is already here for some years and found a place in the eSports League. Also, with Psyonix promising support for years to come, Rocket League is a title that could play a significant part in shifting eSports to a more mainstream audience, finding popularity amongst the crowd that doesn’t tune into Twitch.


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