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How to Get Bitcoin for Free in 2019

In the wake of the digital gold rush fueled by Bitcoin’s upsurge, everyone wants a piece of the action. Nobody wants to miss out from the crypto-sphere frenzy, especially with the projected rise of BTC between 2019 and 2020. Despite the crypto “bubble” stoking fear of bleeding investors dry, cryptocurrency growth has defied critics and haters. Even better, aficionados and enthusiasts can get free bitcoins thanks to gratis programs.

If you don’t have access to an exchange market or can’t pay on the nail for BTC, this article introduces you into straightforward ways to reap a stack of Bitcoin free of charge.

Incorporate Bitcoin into Your Income Streams

Working for Bitcoin across a broad array of avenues such as freelance or completing micro-tasks might accumulate your wallet with extra satoshis. Equally rake in free coins by accepting them as a mechanism of payment. You may want to join popular sites that reward you with BTC for completing tasks.

Bitfortip – If you like to weigh in discussions with other platform members, this is your destination. This website dishes out Bitcoin awards to users for answering questions. After bringing in your bits of coins, you enjoy a double whammy advantage with insider insights concerning cryptocurrency or blockchain subjects. – Another way to earn BTC is opening a Mamby account and pitch in activities such as content creation. Publish high-quality, unique and germane content that can go viral or encourage shares. Compared to other sites, users concur on its higher rewards. Take on more complex analytical tasks to maximize your net earnings. Read more about Mamby to get better idea how it works and how to use it to earn cryptocurrency. – Bitcoin-driven transactions on this site give you an extra coin each round. You don’t need a user account or discharge any onerous tasks, just add your Bitcoin address to get your reward.

Bitcoin Faucets

For newcomers, bitcoin faucets have carved a lucrative way to get firsthand experience managing a wallet and transacting with BTC. Bitcoin faucets refer to applications or website features which spit rewards for participants who successfully undertake various micro-tasks. Sites such as offer a loyalty bonus for those who want to accumulate satoshi over the long haul. Other rapidly growing faucets include, Moon Bitcoin, Satoshi Quiz, and Bitcoin Aliens.

Recreational Activities

Recreational accomplishments like gambling, virtual gaming and reading literature allow you to earn coins in an engaging environment. Immerse yourself in games that pay miniscule portions of Bitcoin for winning such as poker, slot, arcade and puzzles as they sweeten the deal with BTC prizes. Bitcoin-related businesses pay you BTC in exchange for services such as writing, researching info products, completing survey forms and viewing ads.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs provide the most straightforward way to get your cut without the stresses and strains of automated bounty-rewarding systems. Affiliate programs have gained popularity in the crypto space. You get rewarded in BTC for referrals or recommendations. Coinbase rewards users for signing up through an affiliate link up to $10 value of Bitcoin.


Cryptocurrency mining farms come in handy for those who cannot afford high-end CPU rigs and electricity. However, miners still use equipment at home or university campuses to earn Bitcoin right off the bat. Mining pools pack more potential as a confluence of efforts from more participants who maximize their digital harvest. Those who do their homework and invest in mining infrastructure milk thousands of Satoshis per day.

Crypto Payment

Sell products or services online with Bitcoin as one of the payment mechanisms to fatten your digital wallet. Change tack to a decentralized mechanism for payments to widen your market reach globally. A vast majority of stores online and governments have adopted Bitcoin as a payment mechanism. Moreover, some sites have become a marketplace for Bitcoin holders to buy products or services without using Fiat.

Crypto Exchanges

Bitcoin’s volatility is a strong incentive for investors worldwide, including Wall Street. Exchanges have also rolled out Bitcoin futures adding more trading opportunities for investors. You need to buy digital assets at one exchange and sell it elsewhere at a profit. Arbitrage opportunities reward the most sagacious traders who can track price variations, speed of transactions and circumvent constraints. Further, the sheer number of crypto exchanges means more favorable terms and better user experience.

Supplementary Outlets

You can augment your Bitcoin reserves by accepting Satoshis as donations on your website with a wallet address and QR code. Use BitPay to receive blockchain donations. Sites such as Wikileaks and philanthropic websites boast higher Bitcoin donations. They have a poignant message that resonates with many leading to a spike in donations for more tokens. You can bring in Bitcoin as tips given by gratified customers. Display a QR code in your shop, website or blog.

Final Thoughts

Simply put, you have multiple ways to generate Bitcoin free of charge at your disposal. Other methods with lucrative potential such as lending have more risks and capital requirements. As the saying goes, ‘where there’s muck, there’s brass’-in the crypto space, we should perhaps say, where there’s token, there’s value’! The most profitable ways to earn BTC gobble up capital paired with prowess in digital marketing, blockchain technology, and crypto.