Keep Your Money in Your Wallet: How to Save Money on Cable and Other Entertainment Costs

In 2017, the average American spent over $3,200 on entertainment. That breaks down to approximately $267 a month and accounts for over 4% of the average American’s budget.

With so much money being spent on entertainment, you may be looking for ways to save money and cut costs. However, you still want to have fun.

You work hard so you deserve to play hard. That includes watching Game of Thrones every week and going out with your friends and family.

Luckily, there are many ways to cut costs without sacrificing your favorite activities.

Read the guide below on how to save money on cable and other entertainment costs!

How To Save Money On Cable

Don’t want to deal with $100+ cable bills anymore? Don’t worry! There are many cheaper options that still provide a ton of great quality programming. Below are some of the options to consider

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime started off as a 2-day delivery package and has evolved to so much more. They now offer a wide catalog of shows and movies (including original content) for instant streaming. T

his package costs only $8.99 a month. Compared to an annual $1200 cable bill, you’ll be saving almost $1000 a year.


Netflix is another instant streaming service that runs for $8.99 a month or $108 a year. Like Amazon Prime, Netflix has its own original shows and movies as well as a vast selection of other TV shows and movies.


Like Netflix and Amazon Prime, Hulu is another streaming service that provides TV shows and movies for a monthly fee. Its catalog varies from Netflix and Amazon Prime in that it has often had episodes posted on its site from select channels the day after it aired.


If you want a free option with limited channels, you could explore purchasing an antenna for your television. This will give you the most basic channels.

While you will no longer have MTV or HGTV, you will have access to live TV. You can also try these various methods to increase the number of channels with the antenna. 


IPTV is a great option for those that still want the option of live TV. Instead of delivering TV via satellite or traditional cable, IPTV delivers TV via the internet – or internet protocol (IP) network.

The very basic package of IPTV has over 6000 channels and over 4000 TV shows or movies. Costing about 30 a month, it’s dramatically cheaper than the $100+ most are spending on cable.

How To Save Money On Other Entertainment

You don’t need to just focus on cutting the cable to save money. There are many other ways to save money with entertainment. Check out these options below.


The library is a great resource that many people don’t utilize. Not only can you check out books, but many libraries also have an extensive DVD collection. Instead of spending money renting DVDs every week, you can check them out from your local library for free!

Free Music

Instead of purchasing new CDs or downloading the latest songs off iTunes, take advantage of music streaming services. You can use options such as Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube for free.

Game Nights

Want to have a fun night with your friends without spending a ton of money? Consider throwing a game night at your house! This is an affordable night of fun without breaking the bank.

Discounts And Coupons

Don’t be afraid to use coupons when going out to eat! It’s a great way to save money. It’s also worthwhile to investigate when your favorite restaurants offer discounted meals. Some hold senior discount days or kids eat free nights.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

The most affordable entertainment in the great outdoors. You can hike, go swimming at the lake, or play different sports outside all for free! Instead of spending money on activities, go out and enjoy some fun in the sun!

Save Money Now

Now that you have had a chance to review this guide – how are you going to start saving money? You can save money on cable by cutting the cord. You can save money by taking advantage of free services. You can save money with discounts and coupons. 

Most of all, you can save money without giving up on entertainment! Instead, focus on ways to be smarter with your money!

If you want to find out more about saving money on entertainment, please feel free to reach out to us


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