Anti-Phishing Software For Total Protection Against Threats From Phishing, Malware, And Ransomware

You might have gotten word of the phishing attacks through inboxes. In case you do not know what that is, it is from a malware software designed to harm your data. It could be in the form of viruses, Trojan horses, spyware, worms, adware or ransomware. Ransomware, in particular, makes your files inaccessible until you pay up an amount to the person behind the virus. Some of these viruses make it hard to detect where it is coming from, even if you have installed the best anti malware removal software.

Over the years, and according to reports, even paying the ransom would not guarantee that all of your files would return to you in good condition. This virus community continues to grow with every passing year, and businesses being under siege and losing so much data to these threats.

Anti-Phishing Software

Well, there is good news. As threatening as the malware community is posing to be, an anti-phishing software has been developed by which has been tested and guaranteed to keep all forms of malware, no matter what form they take. You can read more about Anti Phishing Reviews.

Anti-Phishing Solution has developed a comprehensive solution to ensure the total security of your emails and generally protection your files and email from phishing and malware. One of the ways this solution helps in protecting your emails and files is that it takes on a proactive move before a reactive one. It searches through embedded links sent via emails and spots out the ones that contain this malware.

Attachment Quarantine

After checking and sorting through links, it moves on to emails that have attachments with them. Whether the attached files are executable or non-executable, the anti-phishing solution quarantines them and scans through for scripts and macros, respectively.

Zip Files Scanned

It does not stop with just links and attachments. The software goes on to scan through zip folders. With the zip folders, the scanning is more intense and goes nine levels deep to examine everything that the folder contains properly.

Email Addresses Checked

Asides scanning through the content of every email, this anti-phishing software that can be gotten from makes sure even the email addresses of the senders are checked and fake ones dispelled and preventing from sending another.

Operating Systems Compatible With

With the anti-phishing software, you need not to worry about what type of brand or device you have. The software works well with all devices with operating systems such as Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux. If your device’s OS is aforementioned, then you are guaranteed full protection from

Servers Covered

The developers of Phish Protection were not playing with words when they reiterated that the anti-phishing software and hardware offers total protection from every type of malware. They do not just stop at protecting and scanning through emails; they also secure all your servers. This protection also includes OS hosted emails such as Office 365. This particular email server has its special protection provision known as the office 365 advanced threat protection.


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