What Should Dad Get Mom For Their 30th Wedding Anniversary?

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What an achievement – mom and dad have been married for almost 30 years. This is certainly a milestone worth celebrating, and what better way to do so than for dad to gift mom an anniversary present that she’s not going to forget?

If Dad has always struggled to find the perfect gift for mom, this time around he can be much more prepared. Let’s take a look at what dad should get mom for their upcoming 30th wedding anniversary.

1. Traditional 30th Anniversary Gift: Pearl

When it comes to sticking with tradition, the material that best represents a 30th wedding anniversary gift is pearl. This is because pearls are hardy and can endure a lot of pressure, just like a marriage that has stood the test of thirty years.

If dad is thinking of gifting a pearl to mom, he doesn’t necessarily have to pick out earrings or a necklace. In fact, there are plenty of ways to present pearl as the 30th wedding anniversary gift – it’s up to dad how creative he wants to get with it.

Whether it’s a pearl photo frame with a picture of mom and dad in it or even a pearl bracelet, there are many ways to celebrate the 30th-anniversary material.

2. Modern 30th Anniversary Gift: Diamonds

While pearls may be the longstanding traditional material for dad to gift mom on their 30th wedding anniversary, there’s a more modern option that may suit her even more.

Diamonds are said to represent the enduring flame that continually fuels a long-lasting relationship, which means it’s perfect as a gift to celebrate 30 years of marriage.

From matching diamond earrings to a delicate diamond bracelet, there are many ways for dad to say ‘I love you’ on their 30th wedding anniversary.

3. A Romantic Dinner

It’s hard to go wrong with an intimate evening out together, even when you’ve been married for thirty years. If mom has a favorite restaurant that she loves to go to, dad could start the night out by taking her here, before moving on to drinks or even a show of her choosing.

Material gifts always carry some sentimentality to them, but experiences can make wonderful memories. If mom doesn’t wear too much jewelry and enjoys eating out, why not get dad to surprise her with a planned date night doing all of her favorite things?

4. Pearl Porcelain Bowls

As we mentioned previously, the traditional 30th wedding anniversary material for a gift is pearl. We also mentioned that there are many creative ways to gift this material, and one of these is in a porcelain bowl.

If mom likes to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, dad should try looking for a porcelain bowl set that’s been glazed with pearl on the inside. She’ll love the added touch of incorporating pearl and appreciate the practical side of the gift, too.

Final Thoughts

Celebrating 30th years of marriage is a special milestone that deserves only the very best.

Whether mom has a taste for the finer things like jewelry or prefers the intimate setting of a romantic dinner, here are four creative 30th wedding anniversary gifts that are bound to be memorable.

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