Best DIY Standing Desk Frame – An option of saving money

Many people are always wondering what options they have as far as the best DIY standing desk frames are concerned. Some people do not even know if they require one in the first place.

The truth of the matter is the fact that standing desks are very expensive. If you have ever considered the option of acquiring a standing desk, chances are that you have already notice that the options that exist are not as cheap as one would have thought.  This is the main reason why many people tend to consider going the DIY way as an option of saving money.

But why do people need standing desk frames in the first place?

It is a known fact that sitting down for a prolonged duration of time can easily affect your health. Not only can it shorten your life but it can also affect you the same smoking or obesity affect other people. In fact, it can result in the occurrence of cancer as demonstrated by the study that surveyed over 4 million people in 43 studies.

It is always recommended that people should stay active for at least 60 minutes a day as a way of compacting the effects associated with too much sitting.

But where does a DIY standing desk comes into the picture? Does it truly counter the effects associated with too much sitting?

Some studies have shown that using standing desks goes a long way to improve the productivity of people. It also goes that have a standing desk will make one move around easily which in itself is a good thing.

Adjustable standing desks also come with adjustable sitting desks. This means that people will get the best sitting position when using them. Standing desks are typically designed in such a way that they will allow people to keep their bodies more active as well as aligning their bodies in the right posture.

Goals of DIY Standing Desk frames

  • Tilting back
  • Monitoring slightly
  • Mouse and the keyboard being at the elbow level
  • Eyes should assume the position that is two inches below the top of your desktop

A DIY standing desk frame will either work or it will not. It is just that simple.

The main advantage of a DIY standing desk frame

While there exists many opting for acquiring a standing desk, building one for yourself is the cheapest way out. In fact, you can easily get yourself a DIY standing desk by just adding a stack of books under your keyboard and monitor. Not only will you save money but it will also get the job done.

But why build your own DIY standing desk

There are a few reasons why people would choose to build standing desks on their own. But for many people so far, saving money and cutting down cost is the main reason. But the good thing that building standing desks on your own comes with many other advantages.

For instance, going the DIY way will allow you to add your touch of personalization to it. This means that you will be in charge of choosing the materials to use, the colors that will go with them and the end finish. In some other cases, some users end up having a unique situation with their office or business that will end up ruling out the use of certain predicts.

What to consider when opting for the best DIY standing desk frame

Before you even run to the idea of customizing your own DIY standing desks, there are key factors that you must first weigh. Such factors include:

Costs – There is a reason why many people tend to opt for a DIY standing desk. For the majority of them, cost is the main reason. However, standing desks are as of today getting cheaper and cheaper by the day. This means that depending on your test and the product you use, you can easily end up spending more money that can even exceed buying some standing desks in the market.

Height adjustment – Building your own DIY standing desk means that you making the fundamental decision of transitioning from sitting to standing. Some options that exist, however, do not come with adjustability. Standing almost all the time may work for some but not for all. Some people may prefer transitioning from standing to sitting back and forth.

Ergonomics – The good thing is the fact that many producers are doing best to produce products that understand ergonomics while making them as comfortable as possible. When building your own, it is often a guaranteed fact that you will overlook such key features.

The ideal standing desk height – always opt for a DIY standing desk where the height of the typing surface is just under the bend of your elbows.

Top four highly recommended DIY standing best frames

While there exist many DIY options in the market, the following are the main options that stood up.

Of all the providers that specialize in designing DIY standing desk frames for their customers, IKEA stands in many different ways. The following are some of the simple and unique DIY options that IKEA provides:

  • The bar table – The bar frame standing desk comes out as the simplest of them all. All that is required is an Utby table frame which goes as high as 120 cm high. It is then followed by a complementing table top. This is the most recommended for people who are on a small budget as having an average height. In fact, some users may even prefer to buy an already customized IKEA DIY standing table.
  • TV console table top – For users that want something that can work well while it is unsophisticated, then is the way forward. The TV console table frame only requires a frame desk legs and lack TV wall unit. All you need are the complementing suppliers where you will just proceed to make the standing frame and connect the lack TV unit. It is just as easy as that. You have yourself a unique DIY standing desk frame. The good thing also is the fact that you can adjust the frame legs to suit your own height.
  • Wall mounted DIY standing desk frame – if your business is contained in a small room where the smallest of spaces matters, then this is an option that is right for you. All you need is the SmartDesk DIY Kit that you mount on the side of the wall. Voila! You have yourself a unique DIY standing desk frame. Mounting it on the wall at the expense of keeping at the desk means that you will end up saving on space even more. Even better, when not using the top deck you can easily create more space that is made possible by the drop leaf style of the unique DIY standing table frame.
  • Lagan Counter DIS standing table top – This list would not be complete without taking care of the needs of the users that go crazy for aesthetics. All that one needs is a SmartDesk Kit base and the lagan countertop. The countertop is placed in a position that suits the requirements of your heights, it would then be glued on the SmartDesk Kit frame board that is placed under the countertop. What is interesting about this option is that it would hide all the wiring that is used on the desk.

But what is the one DIY standing table option that you can recommend?

Having looked at the above options, it is only fair to narrow down to one of the most recommended options as well as give an example of it in the market. Here, the adjustable DIY standing table in the form of the bar table comes out on top. This is the case as one can easily convert any table into a standing table. All that one needs is an adjustable legs. With these legs, any table frame can be converted to a standing table suited to one’s height and needs.


When it comes to DIY standing tables, the sky is just the limit. Whatever one’s think of, it can be made a reality. But for people who have no experience in acquiring or building them, it is highly recommended that they do better to stick to the recommended options. For perennial DIYers, they can all add touch to the final product by making use of the ingenuity when it comes to innovation and creativity.


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