New Rap and Pop Songs With Big Backlinks, Get More Views & Plays

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New Rap and Pop Songs With Big Backlinks, Get More Views & Plays | Rappers XXXTentacion & Tekashi 6ix9ine used these seo techniques on YouTube

Aspiring rappers and singers no longer go to talent shows to be heard.  Instead, they use their cell phones and computers to reach the world within minutes.  However simple, still a ton of talent goes unnoticed.  Why is this?   According to a recent report on Youtube seo, new rap and pop songs are using backlinks to get more views and plays.

What’s a backlink?  This is defined simply as the link from a  website, linking to your page.   As soon as someone refers to your web page as a resource with a link, Google gives your website a +1 point or more, for being a dependable source.  The higher a YouTube page score gets, more backlinks coming in, the closer to #1 the video gets for keywords in the page title.

A brief summary of the overall topic, getting backlinks is not easy.   Many hire public relations specialists to do ‘outreach’ to news sites which was very costly in past years.  Record labels paid people hundreds-of-thousands of dollars to people whose only job focus was keeping blogs on payroll.   Sites like WorldStarHipHop charge $700 for post while Hot97, The Source, and others were part of thousand-dollar package deals.

Rappers and Pop Singers of 2019 have changed this entire process.   As many websites have become relevant to a broad range of content, they’ve begun building their own backlinks.   Companies like Lyrical Lemonade and No Jumper allegedly hire backlinking services like to handle all of their outreach.    The costs of this are nowhere near as close as what labels charge artists and the musicians using such services, keep control of their masters and brands.

One of the first artists known to use this technique was the popular YouTuber C.KHiD.   The South Carolina rapper who’s hit song “Yeah Yeah” hit 3.1-million views as of 2019,  had his entire website linking to his own videos.  Over 1500 pages, each had up to 6 backlinks, to his videos.  Every backlink was written as a highly popular & relevant keyword text, which drove the former rap star’s videos to the top of search for those terms.   An example being, a link to his video as  new songs of 2019,” would mean every time someone searches this keyword text, his video would be found.

Other rappers who have admitted in interviews to using similar seo backlink schemes include XXXTentacion, Tyler The Creator of OFWGKTA, Tekashi 6ix9ine, and Casanova 2x.      All views given to videos are authentic, when only using linking.

Other tactics however, such as record labels buying views have also been exposed in the past ( read news here ) but these are different. SONY and others bought fake views, directly, influencing the appearance of artist’s influence globally.  Tekashi 6ix9ine was also known have have bought fake views.

See a video from SEO guru Charles Floate about buying backlinks below. He is the CEO of DFY Links company. 

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