Saffron on Rose by Alisha Taneja – A fashion and lifestyle blogger one shouldn’t miss

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Fashion is not just about wearing nice clothes and accessories – it is much more than that. The way you dress reflects your personality and creates impressions in people’s minds. Before someone knows the “real” you, they judge you by the way you look. And fashion is what is Alisha Taneja’s passion in life and she wanted to share her ideas about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle with the rest of the world. This was what led to the birth of “Saffron on Rose” her website which features blogs, articles, and tips on fashion, travel, beauty, and more.

Born in Mountain View, California, Alisha is the only child of parents of Indian origin. She is an American citizen and graduated in Political Science from UCLA. Her love affair for fashion started in college itself when she was a member of the UCLA fashion club. Apart from fashion, Alisha was a part of the Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and a member of the student government. Her other activities in college included being a member of the Habitat for Humanity club, an internship for Justice Corps, and a stint at the UCLA Anderson library.

Alisha started out with a major in Biology with the intention of becoming a doctor, a dream her parents had for her. However, she changed her major to Political Science and discovered the world of art. Saffron on Rose started as a hobby for her but after graduating she decided to take a bold step and try her hand at full time blogging. Alisha has never had to look back since.

It was not all a cakewalk for her however. In school, she was bullied because of her Indian lineage, and being petite and shy, she was made fun of by her classmates and teachers. It even went to the extent of her receiving death threats. High school was not good for her self-esteem and it was not until she decided to make a stand against bullying and empower people, that she truly found her calling.

Growing up, Alisha had found it difficult to get outfits in her size, being short and curvaceous. Her fashion blog talked about her struggles and even though some folks made fun of it at the beginning, it soon began to inspire people who had similar problems.

Alisha has been featured on Showbiz India, Teachable, Vogue, Brit and Co, and the Fash Life Series. She has worked for top brands like Uber, American Express, and Net-a-Porter. Her aim is to empower petite women and women of colored origin with tips on dressing well and carrying themselves.

Alisha has proved that fashion is not reserved for tall, fair, willowy “model-like” girls only. She boldly speaks about her personal experiences at many conferences where people find encouragement from what she has achieved.

As famous photographer, Bill Cullingham once said, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” – something that Alisha has proved to be 100% true. 

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