How to Choose The Right Pedicure Chair For Salon

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It is almost the weekend and you’ve already prepared that list of to-dos which includes getting a pedicure but you haven’t decided which salon to go to yet. And then on that actual day, as you stroll in the mall, you pass by a number of salon options. Which should you choose?

If you do the initial comparing, you’ll find that all nail salons pretty much have the same kind of services but they may vary in terms of price with one significantly pricier than the other. Such difference can be caused by important factors like facilities used, e.g. pedicure chairs, the type of nail polish, etc. If you want to have that unique pedicure experience, you may also want to look into the kinds of special pedicure a nail salon offers.

Our kind of “right” nail salon may differ from others’. But generally, it should outstand in the following areas:

  1. Environment. As the salon hosts customers from different origins on a daily basis, chances are microbes are going in and out of the area too. You’d know that a nail salon is a good one if it can maintain a clean and hygienic area at the very least. More than that, it should very well know how imperative proper sanitation of the tools and equipment used is in preventing the occurrence of bacterial or fungal infections and the spread of it. These include pedicure chairs, pedicure tools, foot bath equipment, and towels. A short visit or glimpse at the salon should help you initially assess if the staff are able to keep a sanitary environment while operating. As much as possible, choose a nail salon that employs a separate staff to monitor the place’s overall cleanliness. This will expose you less to germs than when the nail technicians do the cleaning.
  2. Ventilation. It is hard to ignore the fumes from the nail acrylics and polish. Hence, unless the nail salon uses odorless polishes, having a good ventilation system to allow the release of the fumes from toxic chemicals is necessary. While these do not pose serious threats, the lingering smell can significantly disrupt a customer’s supposed to be pampering and relaxing moment.
  3. Range of Services. How “right” the nail salon is usually depends on your requirements. It’s a no brainer to choose a salon if you’re only after of a regular pedicure service but if you want a more upscale nail pedicure similar to what spas offer, then you might as well want to invest some time checking out the range of services the nail salon offers. While nail spa salons are significantly more expensive than regular ones, they are usually more equipped with the necessary facilities and ingredients that can cater special pedicure types like ice cream pedicure, chocolate pedicure, wine pedicure, margarita pedicure, athletic pedicure, and fish pedicure among others. The right salon should also be able to offer an alternative should you want a less pricier but better pedicure service which makes use of gel polishes, paraffin treatments, acrylics, and more.
  4. Price Range. Unless you have saved enough to splurge for your long-planned pampering treat, a nail salon with reasonably priced services is what you should befriend. As much as possible, stay away from insanely priced pedicures with subpar quality. The salon may be equipped with the latest pedicure chairs but hey, you are not paying a fortune just to sit on a high-end chair with a complementary beverage on a cozy room. It does not stop there. More than anything else, the price should be reflective of their pedicure service from the footbath phase up to the nail grooming as that is what you are mainly there for. It is okay to pay high as long as it is worth it.
  5. Expertise. This area isn’t something you can accurately gauge in a glimpse but with almost all types of customers airing out their sentiments on social media, it won’t take you long to know whether a salon has the required expertise in the field or not. Reviews and feedbacks are now easily accessible.

Do not be easily fooled by the salon’s fancy pinky looks and all that other add-on gimmicks. These are all useless if you’ll end up with a nasty infection caused by an open wound from the nail trimming and grooming.

Aside from the online community, you can easily ask a quick question to the customers who just left the salon to find out if the nail technicians truly have the required knowledge to give your nails the best care. Stay away from technicians who give advises and recommends medications based on unverified claims. Chances are they are their own doctors and that’s a risky thing.

  1. Customer Service. It is not going to be a perfect pedicure experience if you are not getting a proper and pleasant treatment from its staff. Customer service also plays a part in the equation. Hence, if you notice that the technicians and receptionists are rude, then it’s time to bar that salon on your list right away. The right one is always employed with trained staff that ensure that every customer is getting an optimal pedicure experience.
  2. License and Insurance. The right nail salon genuinely protects your wellbeing and promotes health and safety and acts on proving that claim through obtaining proper licenses and insurances. Look around the salon’s receiving area. Chances are its licenses and certifications are framed and displayed on the walls for you to easily see. If you can’t see one, decide with caution.

We may have different pedicure preferences but these checks should save you the unnecessary headaches from ending with a wrong nail service provider. Do not dismiss your instinct. It works. An initial glimpse or a quick walk into a nail salon will make you feel comfortable and giddy or otherwise. Don’t worry if you find it rather uncomfortable, as the saying goes, there are still plenty of fishes in the sea. In no time, you’ll surely find the one that can give you the best nail pedicure experience.


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