Robert Kraft talks to rappers Gucci Mane & Meek Mill at NBA basketball game

Robert Kraft Sauna Case Fake? Jail Industry Mob Target Patriots Owner After Links To Meek Mill Prison Reform

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Make no mistake, Robert Kraft is guilty of soliciting a prostitute.   However, he is only one of 80 men who visited the Asian Orchid parlor, in just a week of November.  Hundreds of men, including an entire golfing club or team also frequented the spa. As all have noticed now however, why is only the Patriots owner making headlines  and seemingly fighting for his freedom. A conclusion drawn by many, this entire case is a fraud and Kraft has become a target of the prison industry.

Shut Up And Coach….

It wasn’t long ago, they were telling basketball star Lebron James to just shut up and play basketball because he took a stance on politics.   Colin Kaepernick just settled his lawsuit with the NFL, rumored to be $85-million-dollars, for their obvious yet ‘silenced’ collusion against him. All he did was take a knee against police brutality.   Now it’s Robert Kraft who’s got ‘chain and ball’ on his leg, after taking a clear stance on injustices and inequities within the prison & court system.

Standing with rappers against the Prison System.

Recently Kraft has been in great support of Meek Mill who was jailed for months after popping a wheelie on  motorbike. The minor infraction somehow violated his probation in the eyes of a Philadelphia judge. The same judge also is said to have forced the rapper to ink a management deal which she would benefit from indirectly.

After the entire city, Robert Kraft, Jay-Z, and others took a supportive stance of Meek Mill, the rapper was freed.   It made the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper the 2019 posterboy for a corrupted jail system and victims of malpracticing judges.  Kraft remained by his side, even after release, becoming a vocal advocate of men and women unjustly jailed.

Robert Kraft’s Supporting of Meek Mill Could Influence Prison Industry Profits

The prison system fears such powerful people as Kraft supporting the ‘jail reform’ ideas of Meek Mill and Jay-Z.   A 6-billion-dollar man such as the Patriot’s owner is a huge resource that could help force the prison complex industry to change & align additional powerful people with the movement.    

Such a move is feared by silent, big brother companies like Corrections Corporation of America and The GEO Group Inc,  who own 65% of the prison industries’ market. The two business entities spent $8.7-million dollars on lobbying efforts to keep their ‘prisoner flow’  numbers high between 2010-2015.    A ‘drop in the bucket’ compared to the $3.3-billion-dollars the two prison industry giants earn yearly from virtually enslaving men, women, and children.

If various billion dollar businessmen and women, who are friends of Robert Kraft, aligned into Meek Mill and Jay-Z’s prison reform ideas it could dent profits drastically.      Judges have been known to take bonus payments from prison corporations to lock up more people, to help them meet profit goals.

One of the biggest examples of this was just outside of Meek Mill’s hometown of Philadelphia in another Pennsylvania city.  The ‘Kids For Cash’ scandal  is one of the most underpublicized, mass-corruption busts made to date involving judges taking bribes to send innocent people to jail.  Over 2000 peoples’ lives were ruined (read NYPost story here), some via suicide, by greedy judges sending young people to prison for summertime vacation money.

What Kraft may be guilty of…

In conclusion, Robert Kraft is guilty as initially said if police’s claims of having video are true.  As so, he’s guilty of visiting the Asian Orchid Spa to try one of the best infrared sauna sessions in Florida.  He is guilty of accepting services of a woman, who offered to ‘digitally arouse’ him.    It’s been denied however he had sex with any prostitute. He also did no solicit the services as the place of business, had standard rates before he came.  Not only this, Kraft is not responsible for the women who were willingly staying at the facility. Prostitution is legal in many Asian countries, from which women arrive to the United States, looking for larger profit margins and less frugal clients.

Watch a video below of the plea deal offered to Robert Kraft here below.   Courts want him to plead ‘guilty of something’ at minimum. This can be held over his head at any moment he attempts to help enable a positive political movement.


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