Effective Ways To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android

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Since the latest Android smartphones have appeared in the market, Many of us see an excellent opportunity to switch from iOS to Android. Interestingly, when we talk to potential switches, the question we get the most is how to transfer contacts from iPhone to android without losing your contacts? Fortunately, Wondershare dr.fone-Switch is the world’s software for transferring data for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. . You can also use the program to transfer data after upgrading to the latest version of iOS. Wondershare has three recovery modes, such as restoring from iOS devices, extracting iTunes from a backup, and extracting iCloud from a backup.

And For transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, there are different methods. Even though these two mobile operating systems are of two different companies, there are several methods to transfer your data. In most ways, you will encounter VCF. It’s the standard file format for electronic business cards. They are often attached to the email and instant messaging applications. They can contain almost anything, including names, addresses, and phone numbers.

1. Manually (for small lists)

If you want to move only specific contacts, you can use the Share contact option. Open the connections up and select the connection you want to save. Swipe down and pick a tab that allows you to share it via e-mail or text. If the number of contacts is more than ten, then It’s not your place to go.

2. iCloud

The second way to transfer your contacts from your iPhone to your Android device is merely to use the Apple cloud system. After downloading a VCF file that will have the selected links. The file name will indicate how many contacts were exported. Now join your Android phone to your computer to transfer data from iPhone to Android, copy the VCF file to your local storage, and import contacts from Contacts or Contacts. In the applications, there is an option that allows you to add contacts from different sources. Since you saved it on the SD card, you will select the import source from the repository.

3. Through The Application

By Transferring through My Contacts Backup application, you can connect your Android phone and drag files from your computer to your phone. If you feel a particular flash, you can simultaneously connect iPhone and Android and pull photos from one to another, but we recommend that you first transfer them to your PC for the backup copy of your images. On Macs, things are a little different, although the basic idea is the same. Instead of “My Computer” you need to run the program “Image Capture” to import photos. By doing this, you can connect the Android device and drag it from the folder with photos (or anywhere else where you place the imported pictures).

4. Import to Gmail

There is a way to send your contacts via Gmail. It is quite simple. Log on to iCloud.com through your computer. Select the contacts you want to save, click the small gear button in the lower left corner. Press the gear icon and select Export vCard. Your computer will download a VCF file that will have the exported contacts. Then log in to your google account. Click on the Gmail logo located in the upper left corner of the toolbar. Select contacts, click Advanced in the Contacts drop-down menu, and select “Import.” Click Import again. Contacts will be automatically synchronized with your Android device (s) connected to this account.

5. Export Contacts To Gmail Using iTunes

If your iPhone is running iOS, then the other methods are almost redundant, since applications are not compatible with this version of iOS, and iCloud did not exist yet. I know that iTunes can sometimes be frustrating, but in some cases, this is the only way out. This is as simple as other methods, and it does its job.


Hoping that the article has helped you to transfer data from iPhone to Android, it should not stop you from getting the phone you want. If you have any query, to this article, turn off the sound in the comments below, and we will contact you ASAP. If you have an even more comfortable and fast way to do this, please leave a comment. We cannot view all applications for import/export, but if there is something that is exceptionally simple, we want to hear about it!

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