The Easy Way To Apostille Your Documents

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The first time someone told me to ‘apostille’ my documents, I was thrown off. I was surprised there is even a word such as apostille. This is usually the reaction of many when they hear it for the first time too. Unless you have ever apostilled a document, you might not know what it is or how it’s done.

What is An Apostille?

Apostille is a certification (such as a seal) that a government gives your document to show that it is authentic. It makes your documents acceptable outside your own country, especially in countries under the Hague convention of 1961. Requirements for certification in several countries might vary, so about 100 countries came together to sign the treaty. That treaty makes a document apostilled in one country acceptable in all the others.

The US joined the treaty in 1981, and ever since the office of the Secretary of State has been responsible for getting documents of citizens and foreigners apostilled. The documents that can be apostilled include diplomas, degrees and transcripts, deeds of assignment, articles of incorporation, adoption papers, power of attorney and other such corporate documents.

What Do I Need To Get An Apostille?

The office of the Secretary of State requires the following if one’s document is to be apostilled:

  • The original notarized copy of the document to be apostilled.
  • A standard fixed fee of $15.00 payable by check or money order to the Secretary of State
  • Already filled Certificate of Authentication Request Form. You can contact your local clerk or search online on how to get the request form. The form typically includes information such as your contact details (including your mobile phone number) and your mail information for the document to be sent after processing. You would have to include the name of the country requesting the documents as each one has different requirements.

Is There An Easy Way?

Apostilling document can be a complicated process; therefore, several companies offer apostille services and help you get the job done for a fee. Upon supplying the relevant information and making required payments, the agency does all the running around for you. Easy, right?

If you stay in or around Washington DC, your best bet for smooth processing is the DC Mobile Notary. It’s called a mobile notary because they send agents to you whenever you are to begin the process.

The DC Mobile Notary is available 24 hours every day, and 7 days every week. All you need is send an email or place a call, and they are right at your doorstep. They understand that people’s schedules are hectic, and so offer smooth and easy apostille services. When an agent shows up, all you need is present some identification (driver’s license, passport, ID card) and together, you begin getting the work done. Contact them today.

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