Cyber Threats and How Managed IT Services can Help

One could argue that the Internet is still like the wild west, as it was in the 1990s. Every day, thousands of scammers from across the globe attempt to scam and deceive others via the Internet. Businesses are not immune to this growing problem. In fact, businesses are the biggest target and cyber criminals often see a massive payday if they can successfully target a business. One of the biggest threats for small businesses these days is Ransomware. The best way for businesses of any size to prevent their business from being targeted is by hiring a Managed IT Services company.

Many small businesses attempt to manage their technology infrastructure on their own, and this can end up being their ultimate downfall. Let’s face it, many small businesses manage their technology on a whim, with no or hardly any real procedures or policies in place to prevent disaster. For any business to be sustainable, they need to have IT policies and procedures in place, and this is something that a Managed Service Provider can help with.

Ransomware is one of the latest threats to take hold across the Internet. All it would take to bring a business to its knees would be for one employee to mistakenly download and run a program and all data could be lost. The best chance of a small business owner to recover their data after a crypto ware attack would be to pay the ransom, after which the criminals may or may not release the decryption codes.

If a Managed IT Services Provider is out of the budget for a small business, there are certain things that business can do to protect their data. First, regular backups need to be implemented so data can easily be restored in case of a ransomware attack. There are many tools available to take backups, including the built-in backup manager in Windows Server. Second, all businesses should use anti-virus which is monitored in the cloud. Having a proper anti-virus solution in place will prevent malware and ransomware from being installed and will allow the business management to act if an employee exhibits careless behavior while online. Third, all employees of a company need to be properly trained on which links to click, what emails to open, and certain files to download. By training all employees to be safe on the Internet, the company is taking precautions to protect their data. After all, it only takes one mistake for a business to lose all their data.

Although proper IT Management has always been necessary, it is even more crucial today to take proper steps to secure a business network against attacks. The Internet is a big, unregulated place, and was never designed with security in mind. Therefore, businesses must take cyber threats seriously and employ all tactics possible to protect their data, and their company. Every device connected to the Internet is a possible weak spot that a hacker can exploit. All it takes is one unpatched computer or one accidental click from an employee for a business to lose everything. Managed IT Services providers can help keep a business network protected and are becoming of increasing importance in the 21st century.

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