Lucrative Side Hustles for Firefighters

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A firefighter’s job is very intense and comes with a lot of downtime. They can obviously take this as an opportunity to do a small business side by side. It might seem a little bit tricky at first but once your business gathers momentum the money will start flowing in. let’s take a quick look at what are those ideas awaiting us:

Safety Consultation Company

A firefighter knows very well what causes buildings to burn down. Therefore, starting a Safety Consultation Company is a great choice. The people hire consultants to inspect their building and inform them about the potential fire hazards. They draw up plans for efficient fire safety protocols, other important recommendations etc. Check out for more such best opportunities for firefighters.

Offer Courses and Training in firefighting

A firefighter goes through rigorous and extensive training courses, from basic medical skills to fitness training, heavy machinery and much more. They can use their skill and expertise to earn money by teaching firefighting courses and imparting training. There are certain companies who would definitely like to buy the training courses. You just have to market your products to the right people.

Fire Proofing Business

A consultant tells about the potential hazards your building have but a fireproofing business actually provides solutions. You can get a higher pay if you enter into the fireproofing business. You can also offer your services to the average families by inspecting their homes, offices and offering your valuable advice to them. People already trust you and you can turn that trust into profit.

Restoration Business

There is an opportunity that you start a business to help restore and repair the damage caused by a fire breakout. The restoration business is a great idea for firefighters basically for two reasons:

1.) The restoration work is quite flexible. You can work at the time you please if the house is badly damaged.

2.) The firefighters already own almost all the equipments needed to restore and reshape homes which have had any fire incident. However, you need to get certification in order to open this business.

Fitness Training Company

Firefighters can start their own fitness courses; training people and helping them reach their fitness goals. Firefighters are fit and in shape people. They receive special training to carry and operate heavy equipment, sometimes lifting heavy people out of burning homes. They need to wear heavily weighted gear and protective clothing. Full time firefighters stay in peak physical conditions. So they know how to work hard to maintain their fitness level.

It’s not necessary to have a storefront to start this business. Have your boot camp sessions outside at public parks and other locations. Once you get enough clients, your business will seriously become a highly profitable one. As business grows, you can hire staff and become less involved yourself.

Purchase a Franchise

Buying a franchise involves no risk and is the safest option because the company already has a set system of work. The brand is already a recognized and famous brand. You just have to follow the instructions, hire good staff and your success is guaranteed. The only thing is that you’ll have to invest a large amount as fee and invest a lot of time at the starting. Later you can hire a manager to look after.

Fixed Asset Documentation Company

This business idea is the best one for a firefighter. It involves taking pictures of people’s assets in case of a fire or any other such emergency. Those who have insurance have to clearly mention what they’ve lost, and that is replaced by the insurance company. But people often don’t remember all of their various assets. That’s the reason why they actually pay you to go to their house and document all of their assets. The startup cost is low and you don’t need to spend much time for this business.

Final Words

There are a lot of other profitable opportunities to earn a handsome income every month along with your busy firefighting schedule. A firefighter has a number of skills which are highly marketable. And as a firefighter, you already have the desire and drive that makes entrepreneurs become successful. So you just need to channelize the winning mentality towards your future small business. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!

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