When Buying Kratom Capsules Online You Should Keep these Facts in Mind

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One of the new crazes today is a new drug that originated and is unregulated overseas called kratom. Kratom is normally bought in either powder or capsule form, and it can be taken orally or be used to make a strong elixir (tea). When ingested in any way, kratom can produce similar side effects as common opioids. The downside to this is that without proper personal care to not overdose (higher doses are reported to recreational use, but you don’t want to use it too frequently), many issues from physical addiction to liver damage can even result. It is actually possible to take too much in any form but is more common in capsules.

At the same time, there are more dealers cutting their product and using fillers to not give the proper dose of kratom (or use “fake kratom”) that doesn’t do anything more for you other than act as a placebo, causing you to buy more of their product. When buying kratom capsules online you should keep these facts in mind that we’re providing.

Know Your Supplier

You need to do extensive research on your supplier. Many suppliers have been found using other herbs and yucky synthetic ingredients to create their capsules. Because of this, you may not actually be getting real kratom.

Check the Amounts of Kratom

You may want to invest in weighing scales, and even a DIY lab kit to ensure that you’re getting a proper amount. Some dealers don’t follow all of the necessary steps to make sure the kratom is pure, and some don’t measure the capsules properly so you end up getting more than the recommended dose. Some even cut it with other products as mentioned above, and this can lead you taking too much, and even overdosing.

Know Your Kratom

When you order capsules, you’re getting an already processed product. If you want something done right do it yourself, right? Because of this, once you have found a supplier, you want to do extensive research, check reviews, and make sure that your product is safe, uncontaminated, and unaltered in any way. You don’t want anything un-natural in your kratom.

Watch Out for Unbelievable Prices

When you’re shopping online, of course people want discounts, but is it worth your safety?
Beware of prices that are way too low compared to other shops. This can lead to you buying fake kratom, or it could be processed with different methods than it should, or even worse, it could be so strong of a strain that you can even cause yourself bodily or psychological harm.


When you’re buying kratom, you want to keep the above things in mind. At the same time, since capsules have the tendency to be a little more flexible when it comes to what is available, however as mentioned above in the previous statements you need to use extreme caution.

You also don’t want a supplier who gives you crappy product.



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