What are Portable Buildings and when would you need them

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If you are planning an event or a construction project you are going to no doubt need portable buildings of some description. Portable buildings have evolved greatly in recent years in both construction and the facilities on offer.

If you are looking for portable toilets you can now choose from basic toilets to high quality events toilets complete with washrooms, seating areas, carpets and tasteful interiors, these are a great alternative to the often unpleasant portaloos often found at events and festivals. There are many different configurations for your portable buildings, and you can usually arrange short notice delivery and construction.

Construction projects often call for portable buildings whether they are required as offices, canteens or toilets. You can organize portable buildings to be installed where and when you want them, for any duration. You get peace of mind that your building will stay in place perfectly and give you access to a wide range of features.

Canteen portable buildings, for example, come complete with worktops, sinks, water heaters and many other facilities that will ensure your workforce can be fed and watered on site without any problems. It’s always worth enquiring about characteristics as many portable buildings can be modified to incorporate running water, heating, and other aspects that will make your building more comfortable.

Portable changing rooms are also very popular and offer non-slip flooring, shower cubicles, coat hooks, benches, lockers and many other features. You can choose from a wide range of items and many modular portable buildings can be built to your exact specification thanks to their construction abilities.

These buildings can be changed to suit the requirement quite easily and all for a good price. You can get a cost effective quote easily and quickly and most companies can offer quick installation of your portable buildings in the area of your choosing.

There are many companies offering high quality and affordable portable buildings online right now. It’s a good idea to work out what you need and make it part of your project planning process, but you can also get some great advice from your portable buildings company.

They will be happy to recommend the portable buildings you need. They may suggest something you haven’t thought of or be able to offer you a building in a configuration you hadn’t considered. Find out more today by getting in touch with your local portable buildings company. These buildings offer great versatility and peace of mind no matter what the requirement.

Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits to using used modular or portable buildings is a little harder to measure, there is not a comparative number you can look at such as costs.

However, we can look at what is required when you are building a portable or modular building from the raw materials to completion and the energy required to construct the building, the number of coats of paint, sealant along with outer and inner skins. When this is compared to the environmental cost of refurbishing the portable or modular building we believe used buildings are already ahead and providing a little bit of help for mother nature.

We also believe the larger the building the bigger the saving, some modular buildings can be 3 or 4 stories high and have a tremendous amount of square feet on each floor. The saving per square foot would need to be worked out in order to provide an accurate saving per building and it is a large scale project to try and work out the actual saving.

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