Top Hunting Laser Rangefinder with Slope Buying Guide for Rifle & Bow

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Hunting is a popular sport to spend some leisure time. Although it was quite challenging in the past, there are several gadgets in the market today that has made the sport very simple and interesting. One of the most popular gadgets used by hunters is a rangefinder. When talking about DeerHunters brand rangefinders, you will notice that these generally fall in 2 primary categories. There are those that are meant for hunters and those that are designed for golfers. If you wish to choose a rangefinder for hunting, you will have to search carefully and choose one that is designed for bow or rifle hunters.

Factors to Consider

Choosing a rangefinder for hunting is not as simple as it may sound to you. There are various types available in the market, each with its individual features and usability. Here are some essential pointers that you need to remember while shopping for a rangefinder meant for hunters.

  • When it comes to a rangefinder meant for hunters, you need to understand that these devices work by shooting out a light that is tightly focused and invisible to the naked eye. The time taken by the light to hit a target and return to the device is calculated by the rangefinder and finally it displays the distance. Thus, any type of interferences such as a glare or hazy atmospheric conditions or even any object between the target and the rangefinder can adversely affect the reading. Choosing a rangefinder that comes with a backlight LCD screen will be a good idea as these will help you view the reading in any light conditions.
  • Secondly, you need to keep the weight and size of your rangefinder in mind. Since you will be carrying your rangefinder in your hand all the time while hunting, it needs to be compact and lightweight. Big and heavy will simply pain your wrist and hand.
  • Animals are fast at understanding when there is danger around them. Thus, you need to have a rangefinder that can give you fast readings before the target vanishes out of your sight. When it comes to hunting, using a rangefinder that takes a long time to operate is practically useless.
  • Normally, laser rangefinders work in 2 different modes. This, obviously, depends on the way the device is designed. Once the rangefinder considers the first object in its line of sight, ignoring the other objects around, it works in First Priority Mode. Similarly, if it ignores the first object in its line of sight and ranges any other distant object, it works in Second Priority Mode. The former is good for golfers and the latter is meant for hunters. You may choose a rangefinder that comes with an option that allows you to switch from First Priority Mode to Second Priority Mode and vice versa.
  • Some rangefinders come with a given amount of magnification. Although a large magnification has got nothing to do with range, it will help you get a bigger view of smaller objects on the viewfinder.


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