Most Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height – Grow Taller 101

Yoga has been proven to be one of the most successful exercises in the world. Many of its exercises and stretches have incorporated (and some renamed accordingly) to many different exercise routines, from military training, to physical therapy, and even recreational conditioning. Yoga has also been recently adapted as a way to make you taller. With certain stretches, you can help your body by stretching, and in turn these exercises help you create more human growth hormone (HGH).

The Tree or Mountain (a.k.a. Tadasana)
This is the root of many different pose transitions, and the start of many exercises. But this pose allows you to stretch your body and back slowly. You keep your body aligned in a straight line, and then from your palms down, inhale and slowly raise your arms at the same time upward, but make sure they’re parallel. With you breathe in, continue to raise your arms up, and stretch to touch the sky, going up on your tip-toes while keeping your legs and arms straight. When you are done, slowly (and continuously stretching) lower your arms and body back down, slowly decreasing your stretch while breathing out.

The INSANE Back Stretch
While this back stretch is not actually insane, it is indeed very intense. This exercise is known as Paschimotan Asana in Yoga. This forward bending exercise is often performed while seated, and involves lowering your head and lower back straight forward while keeping your legs straight. Keep your arms out straight above your head and bend forward trying to touch your face to your knees. This increases flexibility, and safely stretches many different areas of your spine.

Don’t get let down if you can’t touch your face to your knees right off the bat. Stretching like this to grow taller does take time, patience, practice, tranquility, and you have to stretch your muscles to adapt your body to stretching your bones and joints.

Prepare to Strike like a Cobra
The cobra pose is an excellent exercise to lengthen, strengthen, and stretch your abdomen and spine, as well as the muscles from your waist up. In order to do this, get in the prone position (also known as the pushup position), and lower your waist to the floor keeping your back bent. You want your hands to be directly parallel to your body underneath you as opposed to a normal pushup, where they will be outreached some. While keeping your legs and arms straight and stretching your limbs, look up as if you are trying to smell the air and stretch your neck with your spine in a perfect arch. Don’t push too hard so you don’t cause damage, but don’t limit yourself and be sure you can feel the pull a little bit as well.

The Final Conclusion
While yoga, stretching, and other exercises alone cannot help you grow by yourself, you must be sure to include a balanced diet, eat somewhat healthy (especially as a grown-up since we’re more prone to not eating a balanced diet), and keep your genetics in mind. You may not be able to cause a growth spurt like you would if you were a pubescent teenager, however by doing exercises to stretch your body, and properly sleeping on top of this, you can increase your height by a couple inches if not more.


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