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Bloc Party, Kelechi Okereke is Setting New Records in Music

Kelechi Okereke is the stem of the Bloc Party. Although, other players like Louise Bartle, Russell Lossack, and Justin Harris have significant role and Bloc Party has got name and fame by mutual effort only, but the Kelechi Okereke is the life line whom everybody would like to praise. They cause a great deal of rehearsing before a debut anywhere in the world. The audience, having a big imagination in their mind because of videos published in the past.

You are impelled to believe that Kelechi is continuing to set new records in the entertainment industry. “Hymns” was one of the album released in 2016 which was discerned by many people all over the globe. This album is still renowned in other nations where English is not their native speech. This is because, the music and setting drum beating is so electrifying that no one could hold back from dancing. Another play was “Silent Alarm” which got a great applause in Australia. The Band here set the record to the volume of as much as it was in the last decade.

Do you know that Kelechi has spent almost two decades in the music industry. He took on his part, as a solo album and as a constituent of the Bloc Party band. Kelechi Okereki plays a fine tune guitar and perform well at the Bloc Party. Two albums “ A weekend in the city” and “Intimacy” have set records in the diligence. There are a number of band getting popularity, thus it is hard for the blog party to maintain the status among fans. Bloc Party has produced a unique content with progressive composition in the music segment. Therefore, it is widely appreciated all over.

12/14/2007 – Bloc Party – Bloc Party and The Cribs in Concert at the Alexandra Palace – November 14, 2007 – Alexandra Palace – London, England – Keywords: Bloc Party – Kele Okereke (Lead Vocals and Guitar) – – – Photo Credit: Landmark / PR Photos – Contact (1-866-551-7827)

I can commend you to participate in a Bloc Party because there is somehow dancing moments you would wish to hold dear. Electronic beats are programmed in a unique tone that mixes the singer’s voice to provide ultimate beats. The lyrics used by Kelechi are emotional and pull the sentiments towards love and eternity. You can respect the maturity level of Kele from his debut album to now with Block Party production. He is more influenced by British culture and songs of old compositions with new style. Kele enjoys sharing his success story with people in the party where he is invited as a chief guest. He stated his opinion about immigrants and criticized the British media taking in other negative shape.

Intimacy” is one of another famous production of Kele’s Bloc Party. This album added the value just after “ A weekend in the City”. He is not only a musician, but also a creative songwriter. In one interview, he has shed light on the rumor that he is breaking away from vocalizing. He has clarified that singing and writing comes from his soul and he simply can’t guess about.


Some people still may not accept Kele Okereke as their favorite singer just because he is a Gay and got a daughter through surrogacy. His black color is likewise one of the causes of discrimination, still he is a celebrity on the basis of his quality thoughts and magical singing Before 2010 he was hesitant to say about his gay character but now he is open enough to discuss on this topic. As a result of all discussion, he is nice champion and admired by the people


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