Do you know the proper funeral etiquette? Here are our best 10 tips!

Every time a loved one dies, we need to make sure that we know the proper procedures for the funeral etiquette. As there are many things to take into account in such sad occasions, we have prepared 10 tips that you absolutely must know about attending a funeral (including the funeral flower etiquette).

1. Wear conservative clothes!

Usually, at a funeral, people wear black, but that’s not mandatory. The best funeral etiquette in most cases is to choose conservative clothes, irrespective of the colors you pick. Of course, bright and extravagant nuances are to be avoided.

2. Sit at the back if you’re not a member of the deceased’s family

If you’re not a member of the deceased’s family (or a very close friend), we recommend you to sit at the back during the funeral. Avoid getting up at all costs, especially if you arrive late.

3. Try and get to the funeral a little bit earlier

According to proper funeral etiquette, it’s advisable to arrive a little bit earlier. Taking your time to talk to the other guests and offer your condolences before the funeral proceedings is a must.

4. Don’t say too much at the funeral

Presenting your condolences is often enough. Don’t be tempted to talk too much to the deceased’s closed ones. Most likely, they are in too much pain to bear with you.

5. Pay your respects to the dead, even if you don’t share his/her religious beliefs!

If you’re an atheist or you simply don’t share the same religious beliefs with the deceased, you can still pay your respects to him/her. You can do that by standing up during the funeral ceremony, for instance. You don’t have to pray or do anything that you dislike.

6.What about the funeral flower etiquette?

Sympathy flowers are best suited for funerals. Make sure you bring or send a bouquet. Lilies, roses, daffodils, gladiolus or orchids are good choices.

7. Don’t use your phone during the funeral service!

Avoid using your phone at all costs! Put it on silent before the funeral starts and only answer calls in urgent situations.
Additionally, avoid taking any kind of photos, as this might be seen as a rude and disrespectful gesture.

8. There’s no problem bringing your children at the funeral

As long as they are good-behaved, children can attend funerals. Still, if they are too small we don’t recommend taking them with you.

9. Stay behind the family members during the graveside service

Just like during the church funeral proceedings, at the graveside it’s best to stay in the back, behind the family members. Take off your hat during the service, as well. This is a sign of respect.

10.The difference between processional and recessional at funerals

During funerals, it’s good to know the differences between processional and recessional. The first one refers to the moment when the casket is brought in, while the latter marks the very end of the funeral service.
Besides the funeral flower etiquette, there are many other things to respect and adhere to when attending a funeral. We hope we were helpful in presenting to you the best 10 tips that you must absolutely know before going to such an event.


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