8 Stunning Granite Countertop Color Choices

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Adding granite countertops is often one of the first upgrades first-time homeowners look to add to their home. When it comes to granite the options are seemingly endless. With that being said, here are 8 of my favorite granite choices, I hope they help narrow your search.

White Fantasy Granite

Featuring a white foundation with thorough grey veining white fantasy granite offers the longevity of granite and the stunning appearance of marble. Despite its immense beauty, you can find slabs of white fantasy for the fair price of just $30 per square foot.

Alaskan White Granite

Similar, yet different to White Fantasy, Alaskan White Granite also features a white backdrop. However, the grey veining amounts for a much greater amount of the surface area in this elegant stone. A fair price for Alaskan White Granite is around $35 per square foot.

Sapphire Blue Granite

Looking for something a little bit less mainstream? The unique Sapphire Blue Granite will be sure to add a certain level of elegance to your home. On average about 75% of the surface area is blue and about 25% is brown. Sapphire Blue Granite is also commonly called Brown, and can typically be had for under $40 per square foot.

Cambrian Black Granite

Don’t be confused by the name. Cambrian is a leader in the engineered Quartz space. However, Cambrian Black is a natural stone sporting an extremely uniform appearance that may leave you mistaking it for a man-made product. Looking for a low variance surface for large scale projects? Cambrian Black could be a perfect choice, available for around $50 per square foot.

Rainforest Green Granite

Looking for a stone that can truly bring the feel of the great outdoors inside your home? Rainforest Green showcases a predominately green backdrop but with brown streaks stretching across the surface. These brown streaks almost look like tree branches sprawling across the slab. Despite its unique appearance Rainforest Green Granite has an appealing price, under $25 per square foot.

Black Pearl Granite

If you’re on a tight budget for your kitchen or bathroom remodel, one of the best options is Black Pearl Granite. Black Pearl is a level one granite, meaning it’s among the most inexpensive granite options on the market. While predominantly black in color, it also features specks of silver and is available for about $15 per square foot.

Super White Granite

Despite commonly being referred to as Super White Granite, this beautiful stone is actually a quartzite. Compared to some of the other mostly white and grey granite choices, Super Whites grey veining can be dramatically different from one slab to another. Be sure to check out your slab in person before purchase to avoid being surprised. The only downside of this elegant stone is the price tag, incorporating this beautiful stone in your home will cost you in excess of $50 per square foot.

Blue Bahia Granite

This particularly stunning granite packs quite the punch to everyone who crosses its path. Visitors to your home will surely be wowed by the extremely exotic and bright blue appearance of this natural stone. Blue Bahia Granite looks expensive…and to know one’s surprise it is! Your wallet will surely be feeling a little bit lighter if you splurge on this granite. Blue Bahia is one of the most expensive granite starting at around $100 per square foot.

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