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Indian Man Became Instagram Sensation With Parody Pics

When you reach a certain age, you’re expected to take life more seriously, to let go of the childish, carefree thighs you did in your youth. Still,we need to remember that it’s not bad if sometimes you don’t take things too seriously, even yourself.

It is a sound advice, and one 44-year old Indian engineer has taken to heart. “Just Sul” has taken the internet by storm, by recreating celebrity’s pictures and just acting silly and posting it all on his Instagram account.

He posts funny videos and pictures, making fun of others and himself, a recipe for having a good time that has earned him over 2,3 million followers on Instagram. So, if you’re are in need of a good laugh, make sure to check out his profile, and remember that it’s good to be silly from time to time.

Here is a sneak peek of his celebrity recreations.


1. Tupac


2. Justin Bieber


3. Kylie Jenner


4. Lionel Messi


5. Buff, buffering, buffest


6. Britney Spears


7. Connor McGregor


8. Lil Pump


9.Lil Yachts


10. Lazar Angelov


11. Justin Bieber


12. The Weekend