Cute Chinese Preschoolers Dribble A Basket Like Pros

Young children are adorable to watch, especially when they’re trying to do a task they are not yet ready to perform. They really are a great source of entertainment, and then there are those who make our jaws drop, like these darling toddlers.

We don’t expect much coordination from our children when they are four years old, and that’s only because we don’t challenge them enough. Just look at what preschoolers in China can do. Yes, their school system and physical education is worlds away from that in most western countries, but you can’t argue with the results.

Here is a class of cute kids dribbling not one, but two basketballs at once. We might not see this level of coordination from kids twice their age in our society, making their efforts even more amazing and simply delightfull to watch.

Have a dose of positive energy with this adorable video.







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