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25 Brave Men Nail The Popular Womanly Instagram Poses

Social media are filled to the brim with various pictures shared from all over the world. And we can safely say that women tend to post more pictures than men.

They simply love sharing everything they do, usually with them posing in the picture. Those poses have been replicated so many times, that we can divide them in different categories.

Men, on the other hand, are generally more reserved in the pictures they share, the occasional selfie,hanging with their friends, the places they visit, with little to no posing involved.

Then there are those with a great sense of humor, who bravely share their “womanly” pictures. Here are 25 of the best and most hilarious of this new category of Instagram pics.



1. Working girls


2. Special treats


3. Pool day with your girls


4. Gym time


5. Bath time

6. Wine night


7. Spa day


8. Male romper


9. First Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the season


10. Vacation yoga


11. Snow bunny


12. Like a mermaid


13. Embrace yourself


14. Bachelorette parties


15. Treat yourself


16. She needs wide open spaces


17. Just a girl and her pup


18. Cozy night in


19. Thinking about you


20. Seasonal girl time


21. It’s all about ambiance


22. Beach days


23. A true flower girl


24. Basic Bubble Bath


25. 30, flirty, and thriving