Choice of Zombies

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Choice of Zombies was written by Richard Jackson and Heather Albano using Choicescript.  The game takes place during a zombie-apocalypse where you must survive by utilizing a series of choices that shape your adventure and alter the outcome.  Interactive fiction games can be fun when they are typo-free and well written which is exactly what Choice of Zombies is.  There are plenty of paths to choose from in this multiple choice adventure, all of which are pretty much garaunteed to eat up all of your free time especially for those who enjoy reading in the first place.

There is no set synopsis and that is the beauty of it.  There is a storyline but you follow it according to your preferences so playing is just diving right in and getting your hands covered in zombie guts, unless your a pacifist in which case good luck.  The time you will spend playing varies, there are many characters to connect with and the authors did a good job crafting personalities.  The game starts off on a humorous note and that’s refreshing considering zombies are widely not taken seriously anyway.  The writer knows this and sets the mood accordingly and that kind of writing style is seen throughout the entire game.  Another interesting thing to note is that Choice of Zombies ends leaving you with the cozy sense that you actually did something and completed it, in this case that “something” being surviving the zombie-apocalypse.  Unlike a few other Choice of Games there is no excessively overdue cliffhanger to be distraught over and that alone makes this one of their few completed gems.

The controls are simple and if you are on a tablet or most phones, selecting options and hitting the “next” button shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  Most importantly you want to make sure you have a weapon handy at all times, if you are playing Choice of Zombies in a public area you are at risk of a zombie attack, or at least that’s how it feels to me.  That goes to show how sucked into to the game you can get!  As for the games downsides, there honestly isn’t to much to say.  Every once in awhile you might get some little wording anomalies but missing a comma in a sentence is not exactly what I would call a fatal mistake, many of which you’ll make in the game by choosing options that probably don’t go with you skill set.  Your stats are viewable by clicking the “Show stats” button and that will display your skill set, you might want to keep an eye on that stuff too.

The game is about $2.99 on the iTune and Android app stores and that’s not bad considering the game has no graphics.  Besides the cover art of course but does that really count for anything these days?  So if you are a fan of any of those shows out on TV (like the Walking Dead) then you might just enjoy Choice of Zombies for everything it is and what it’s worth.

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  1. I agree, this game is so fun, and I got the zombification at the island one. I was fully heroic and I must say, very swell!