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35 Amusing And Rarely Seen Photos From The Past

Leaving the life we have today with all the luxuries and benefits we take for granted, entertainment is easy to find in every shape and form. With all that it is also very easy to forget about all the things that have happened in the past, and we’re not talking about just major history-changing events, but the little things as well.

And if you think things are crazy today, you’d be surprised by what people came up with in the past.

We can’t possibly hope to have something to remember every little thing from the past, but the things we do have  can be quite precious and quite surprising.

So, here is a small collection of historic photos we rarely get to see.




1. Portable sauna.


2. Willard Scott, the very first Ronald McDonald.


3. The Dynasphere, a monowheel electric vehicle which could go up to 25 mph 40 km h , 1932.


4.Probably, New York could be named as hat city in 1939.


5.last known photos of Anne Frank and her friends


6.An exercise machine used to roll the fat out of legs, 1936.


7.A group of Las Vegas tourists enjoying front-row seats to an atomic test in 1953


8.Wondering who won in Florida’s Miss Lovely Eyes pageant.


9.Walt Disney overcome with pure joy on the opening day of Disneyland in 1955


10.The day Sweden switched from left to right-side driving, 1967.


11.Parisians found a way to keep their feet dry by walking on rows of chairs, 1924.


12.Halloween costumes in the 1960’s. 


13.An English brewery delivers kegs of beer to troops fighting in Normandy, June 1944.


14.A fugitive being dragged by border patrol across the USA border


15.Women wearing wooden bathing suits, 1920s.


16.Two military officers wearing sound finders, designed to detect the direction of approaching enemy planes.


17.Testing football helmets, 1912.


18.Orphaned babies in the course of Vietnam War were lifted to the United States of America.


19.Circa 1930, women were on the rooftop competing through a boxing match.


20.Alfred Hitchcock having a cup of tea with Leo the Lion in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio.


21.A couple holding their newborn babies for their grandparents on the other side of the Berlin Wall to see in 1961.


22.Women painting their legs to make it look like theyre wearing stockings, 1942


23.These soldiers helping their buddy get one last kiss before departing in 1950


24.Test pilot George Aird ejects from his plane after losing control of it.


25.Lunch break on the set of Star Wars.


26.Believe it or not, there was an ankle competition ages ago.

27.A portable TV prototype created in 1967.

28.A 5 MB computer hard drive being loaded into an aircraft, 1956.


29.The steel beams of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, reaching upward in 1888.


30.Salvador Dali and his anteater were up for some walk on this 1969 photo.


31. Ballerinas training during the war in Leningrad, Russia.


32.Australia s Sydney Opera House in the early stages of its construction in 1973


33.A police car with a shovel to prevent casualties or injuries among pedestrians, 1920.


34.Archeologist Howard Carter inspecting King Tut’s golden sarcophagus after opening Tut’s tomb in 1923


35.Women in a spaghetti-eating contest called “Macaroni”.