16 Items People Found Thought To Be Lost Forever

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How many times have you lost something precious or mundane, only to find it after some retracing your steps? Countless, no doubts. We can consider those to be unlucky and frustrating situations, but with a happy ending.

And how many times have you lost something that you never managed to find no matter how hard you looked? Hopefully, not many, but it’s something many of us have experienced.

Then there are those truly lucky ones who after a long, long time, even decades managed to find their lost possession in the most unexpected time and manner.

Yes, there are truly lucky cases like those, and here we have proof of such miracles. Take a look at some truly amazing finds.


1. Woman’s purse lost in lake found by boy while fishing 25 years later


2. She lost her diamond ring in the garden. It turned up 13 years later — with an extra carrot


3. Fiji Driver And Girl Reunion


4. 6 years ago my ex lost her luggage at the cottage. It was found floating down the river this weekend by my mother. Bonus whiskey inside


5. While Ripping The Carpet Out Of Our Miata We Found 18 Years Of Lost Change


6. My Grandpa Hung His Skates On A Small Tree When He Was Younger. He Forgot He Had Left Them There And Found Them Years Later


7.Found This Gardening. It Was From The 1st Time I Played Ice Hockey. Lost 11 Years Ago


8. When I Lost This Under My Grandparents’ Deck 15 Years Ago, I Never Expected To See It Again. Imagine My Surprise When Grandpa Found It Last Week


9.My Father Lost His Reading Glasses About Two Years Ago. Found Them Today


10. Fisherman fishes his own wallet from the sea – 20 years after dropping


11. Wallet Lost In Ocean 24 Years Ago


12. In 1986 my friend bought a ticket to see Prince live in Copenhagen, he lost it and couldn’t go. 29 years later he finds the unused ticket in the back off a book


13. Two Months Ago I Lost My GoPro In A Dam On My Parents Farm. Today I Found It


14. Guy lost his iPhone and just found it.. frozen into driveway… AND IT WORKS


15. Lost Book Found


16. Dad Lost His Wallet In A Lake 20 Years Ago, Someone Found It Today While Fishing


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