18 Funny Pics Showing Two Types Of People In The World

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The kind of person each of us is is decided by the choices we make. And you can be sure that there are thousand of choices we make, most of them come of us so naturally as a force of habit, we don’t even realize we made them.

The interesting thing about most of these daily choices is that we overlook these situations, until the moment they’re pointed out to us. That’s when we get that “a-ha” moment and a few laughs along the way.

One might argue that there are countless types of people in the world, but it all comes down to two choices in each particular situations, creating just two of them.

Have a laugh with the two types of…



1. …stick figures on cars.

2. …kids on their first day of school.

3.  ….lady’s bathroom.

4. …butter eaters.

5. …toothpaste users.

6.  …girls on Halloween


7. …toilet paper placing.

8. …parking.

9. …work goers in the morning

10. …men.

11. …planing a date night


12. …eating french fries with ketchup 

13. …girls and their styles

14. … hospitality

15. …eating corn on a cob

16. …winter people

17. …roommates

18. …IT techs

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