32 Craziest Ways Restaurants Have Served Food

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There are many reasons we choose to dine at a restaurant. One is because we like to try different things, another is because we are not in the mood to cook our own food, but one thing we don’t think about is the admiration of the food served to us.

Eating something that looks pleasing to the eye makes the already delicious dish that much more appetizing. It is an unwritten rule of food service, and many restaurants are always trying to find new ways to serve their food to attract more customers.

However, there is such a thing as going too far with their imagination, and if you don’t believe it, take a look at the crazy choices of serving food these restaurants have made.


1. Sandwich bookcase 


2. ice Cream In A Mini Tub


3. Skateboard Platter 


4. Olives With an Actual Olive Tree


5. Breakfast In A Shovel 


6. Fast Food Garnish 


7. Boiled Egg In A Twisted Spoon


8. Trowel Desert 


9. Pasta In Jars


10. Big Burger On A Sword 


11. Hanging Fruit Skewers

12. Salad In A Wine Glass


13. Scotch Egg  In A Trophy 


14. Umbrella hors d’oeuvres 


15. Wooden Stair Meet


16. Dustpan Sandwich 


17. Horse Mane Desert 


18. DIY Orange Juice


19. Cup Cake?


20. Woodland Muchrooms 


21. Jelly On A Sanitary Pad 


22. This is a Caesar salad


23. Beefy Garnish 


24. Golden Chair For A Cut Strawberry 


25. Meat Dress Barbie 


26. Bookcase Breakfast 

27. Meat On Branches 

28. Espresso Experiment 


29. Cheese And Grapes Mousetrap  


30. Carrot Cappuccino 


31. Fried Food On A Merry-Go-Round 


32. Squid Slipper 




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