Instagram Photos Have Become Clichés And The Biggest Of Them Are In This Video

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Instagram is one of the biggest social medias of today, as the favorite place to share pictures of everyday life with friends and followers for millions of people worldwide.

It is a place we go to see whats trending in the well known “hashtag” groups we like so much.

However, just because something is extra popular, doesn’t mean it won’t quickly become a cliché  we are fed up of seeing.

And don’t think it’s not possible. Even if you are a die-hard instagram user, you have to admit that watching the same things and poses over and over again didn’t irritate you at least for a minute at some point.

Everyone likes seeing new things, an with the possibilities we are offered, we should always explore new things and strive for setting new trends.

As for the biggest instagram trites, if you haven’t noticed them by now Hierohante has gathered them in one short video with amazing music.

Obviously it’s time for a new trend.

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