36 Common Things That Are Trying To Become Something Else

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Recognizing shapes and facial features is an essential skill we develop in order to fit in society.

In time, we subconsciously start searching for familiar shapes or faces in places whee there are none.

Like when we see a man in the moon or a smiling face in our eggs and ham breakfast.

Sometimes nature and strange circumstances make it difficult not to perceive a certain object as something completely different.

Those little surprises is one of the things that make life interesting, so indulge in this collection of weird lookalikes and have a cheerful start of the day.

1. One of these things just doesn’t belong…


2. The happy stickman.

A cheerful stickman

3. A horse with a horse (of course, of course)

A horse tattoo on a horse.

4. Nice color combination. 


5. Mmmm, chocolate.


6. This suspicious stove 


7. Proof that Michael Jackson was ancient

A 3,000 year old Egyptian bust that looks like Michael Jackson.

8. A doggy hydrant

A puppy-looking fire hydrant.

9. Cute potato beat

A teddy bear potato.

10. A bird-shaped bird poo

A bird pooped the shape of a bird.

11. Duck fries 

A yummy fry resembling a duck

12. The San Diego Spaceship library 

A library in San Diego that looks more like a spaceship.

13. Yaaayy


14. Grumpy hat, happy armchair

Harry Potter’s Sorting Hat on a chair.

15. This wolfish duck

ducks bill that has a wolf imprint on it.

16. Dancing dandelion-man.

The lone dandelion man.

17. A hamster muffin

The hamster muffin.

18. The astronaut carrot

The astronaut carrot.

19. Take a sit… Right here.


20. The comfy Michelangelo shoes. 

Loafers that look like one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

21. The eye-sore socket 


22. The potato seal 

A seal potato.

23. The hidden Hitler add


24. A strawberry chicken 

A hen strawberry.

25. Find the intruder

A puppy that looks exactly like the plushies.

26. Teddy Paw

A felines teddy bear paws.

27. Grumpy Cat is everywhere


28. Dog eating chaingetti

I love chaingetti

29. Nuttela hairdo 

Nutella with a do.

30. Do you see the face in the shadows?

Do you see the face

31. The cutest happiest cookie ever


32. Owls or dog’s noses.

Dog noses that look like owls.

33. The duck squash

A large duck squash

34. The eggplant likes

The eggplant giving a thumbs up.

35. The chick church 



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