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Hear The Mesmerizing Song Of The Sea Playing An Organ


The sound of the ocean waves hitting the shore is one of the most relaxing sounds in nature. Some people would say that you can almost imagine the melody sea is playing.

If you’re visiting Zadar in Chroatia, the sea will actually play a song for you. And it’s instrument of choice is an organ.

We’re making things up here. There is an actual Sea Organ build along the shore of the Adriatic Sea in 2005 by architect  Nikola Bašić.

With the waves going trough underwater tubes, sounds come out from large whistles tuned which produce seven chords of five tones.

The end result is a never-ending musical piece that seems to come out from the ground itself.

Listen to the haunting notes that fill Zadar.

Every coastal town should have one of these.


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