5 Ways Hip Chairs Help Patients with Osteoarthritis 

You spend a great deal of time sitting in chairs. Many people sit all day at work, whether it’s typing on a computer, driving a truck or answering phones. When you eat, watch television, surf the internet or read, it’s usually done in a standing position. It’s actually hard to think of an activity that doesn’t involve sitting at least part of the time, such as listening to music or hanging out with friends. With this in mind, it’s hard to imagine why so many of us are satisfied with uncomfortable chairs that cause our muscles and joints to ache. For those with osteoarthritis, it’s even more important to find a great chair that won’t aggravate this condition.

What is a Hip Chair?

“A hip chair is a higher chair designed for people with severe arthritis, or individuals recovering from knee surgery or hip replacement. Hip chairs effectively minimize the movement of the hips and knees when sitting down or getting up, thanks to the extra height of the chair,” according to Avacare Medical, an online retailer with expertise in this type of equipment.

Ways Hip Chairs Help Patients with Osteoarthritis

Here are some of the ways a hip chair makes life a little easier for those with osteoarthritis:

  • Using a hip chair decreases the force on the hip joint by up to 50 percent
  • Hip chairs encourage a healthy posture and stretch the legs for better circulation
  • Using a hip chair helps the hip joint rest in a relaxed position, where it absorbs more nutrients
  • It’s possible to reverse the conditions that cause hip pain, especially if caught early on
  • Using a hip chair can help your joint and cartilage heal and help prevent surgery

Choosing the Right Seat Is Important

When you choose a hip chair, pay attention to be the seat. It needs to be deep enough to support your upper legs while allowing your back to rest comfortably. A seat that’s too deep puts pressure on your blood vessels and nerves at the back of the knees. This can lead to nerve damage or circulatory issues. It’s also hard to stand up from a deeper seat. However, a shallow seat may not properly support your legs and cause poor posture and back pain.

Selecting the right hip chair has a number of benefits, including reduced pain and increased mobility and is highly recommended by many medical professionals.


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