32 Artists Immortalize The Tragic Death That Made The World See The Syrian Crisis

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Did an innocent 3-year old boy’s lifeless body had to get washed ashore to make the world open its eyes to the countless Syrian refugees seeking sanctuary?

Apparently so.

The tragic image of Aylan Kurdi lying face down on a Turkish shore swept the world, causing outrage and grief about the needless death that could have been easily avoided.

Aylan’s death was not the only one. His 5-year old brother and mother also drowned after the boat they were escaping in capsized in the Mediterranean sea. The father is the only survivor.

People are finally starting to notice the desperation and call for help all the Syrian refugees are pleading for and perhaps soon the governments of the world will take some actions will be made as well.

To show their support, artists from around the world are trying to make the final push for action by making the already powerful image of Alyan into artistic recreations that no one can look away from.

1.Do You See It Now?

do you see it now

2. Go Little One, With Loves

go little one, with loves

3. Aylan(3) Ghalib(5)

Aylan(3) Ghalib(5)

4. God Be With You, Little Angel. The Death Of Tragic Syrian Toddler Aylan By Gunduz Aghayev

God Be With You, Little Angel. The Death Of Tragic Syrian Toddler Aylan By Gunduz Aghayev

5. Humanity Washed Ashore

humanity washed ashore1

6. Still The Same


7. How This Story Should Have Ended

how this story should have ended

8. Humanity Washed Ashore

humanity washed ashore

9. Leaving This Shitty World

leaving this shitty world

10. Just Sleeping

jut sleeping

11. Protection


12. Sleep Deep In My Shoulders.. Here Is Your Safe Home…

Sleep Deep In My Shoulders.. Here Is Your Safe Home..

13. Symbol For Crisis

symbol for crisis

14. Don’t Let Compassion Drown


15. Where You Placed Him


16. R.I.P


17. Sleep, My Child

sleep my child

18. I Hope Humanity Finds A Cure For Visas


19. Humanity Washed Ashore


20. The Leaders Watching

the leaders wathcing

21. We Are Losing Ourselves As Humans,And The People Will Die Around The Borders

We Are Losing Ourselves As Humans,And The People Will Die Around The Borders

22. The Warmest Embrace

the warmest embrace

23. Syrian Dream By M.b.omrane

Syrian Dream By M.b.omrane – Original Artwork Water Is Life By Maureen D. Dean

24. Humanity Washed Ashore

humanity washed ashore2

25. I Have No Words

i have no words

26. Thank You World


27. Hell Is The Reality We Live In

hell is the reality we live in

28. Humanity Slipping Away

humanity slipping away

29. Save Refugees And Extend A Helping Hand


30. Live In Fear, Rest In Peace


31. From Embrace Of Syria To Drowning In A Sea Turkey


This is a call to regain our humanity. Will we succeed?

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