15 Gorgeous Celebrity Mothers Who Aparently Gave Birth To Their Clones

Genes are amazing. You never know who the child will end up looking like. Will it take more after the mother or the father?

This is a question we are particularity interested in when it comes to celebrities children. We can’t help but search for traces of the famous parents in the second generation celebs. Usually a the boys would resemble the father, while the girls will be just like the mother.

And sometimes one of the parents is nowhere to be seen in the features of the child like with these mother-daughter pairs.

These famous mothers might as well gave birth to their twins, they look that much alike. Take a look at these 15 pairs of “me and mini-me”.

1. Angelina Jolie And Shiloh


2. Gwyneth Paltrow and Apple Martin

3. Jessica Simpson And Maxwell Drew


4. Christie Brinkley and Sailor 

Christie and sailor Brinkley

5. Goldie Hawn And Kate

goldie-hawn-435 GOLDIE & KATE

6. Christina Milian And Violet Madison 

christina-milian-435 VIOLET MADISON & CHRISTINA

7. Kim Besinger And Ireland

KIM besinger & IRELANDbaldwin

8. Katie Holmes And Suri


9. Beyonce And Blue Ivy

beyonce and blue ivy carter

10. Julianne Moore & Liv


11. Madonna And Lourdes

Madonna & Lourdes

12. Uma Thurman And Maya

Uma Thurman & Maya

13. Demi Moore And Rumer RUMER & DEMI

14. Meryl Streep and  Mamie


15. Reese Witherspoon And Ava

AVA & REESE reese-witherspoon-495

The next generation of beautiful female celebrities is secured.


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