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This Is The Most Adorable Little Motivational Speaker You’ve Ever Seen. Soooo Cute

Sometimes celebrities would use their fame to help raise awareness or help voice something others can’t. Not so long ago actor Shis LaBeouf in collaboration with Rönkkö & Turner made a short video called #INTRODUCTIONS where he acts out heartfelt stories from different people.

One segment where LaBeouf talsk about “Just Do It” went viral for its motivational content. The web being what it is, trolls started coming out and making their own spin on this motivational rant, but this video can’t quite be placed in the troll category.

This adorable 3-year old girl delivers the same speech with the same intensity, only this time we don’t get pumped up, but rather filled with that “awwwww” feeling. Here’s why.

Ok, ok, we’ll do it… Because you’re so cute.


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