Dragon Quest VII / X Localization Petition Launched By Dedicated Fans

The E3 has come and gone and no news on the Dragon Quest games have emerged. The lack of news seems to suggest that the remake of Dragon Quest VII, released on Nintendo 3DS, and the MMORPG Dragon Quest X are not going to be localized.┬áSome fans, however, haven’t given up yet and have started a new petition with the aim of showing Square Enix that there’s demand for these games in the West.

The petition has been launched only a few hours ago, but the number of total signatures has been rising constantly. This may not lead to the actual release of the two games in the West but there’s still a chance, however small, that Square Enix and Nintendo will end up listening to what fans say. You can learn more about the matter by checking out this Facebook Page.

Last week series creator Yuji Horii has confirmed in a new interview that work has already started on the next Dragon Quest game. The release of the new game should coincide with the series’ 30th Anniversary in 2016. Yuji Horii has also confirmed that he’d like to develop a game for the big screen, hinting at a home console release.

The latest game released in the West is the mobile port of Dragon Quest VIII, released a few weeks ago on iOS and Android. The mobile port of the PlayStation 2 role-playing game is really well done, despite the obvious differences with the original.


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