Monster Hunter Frontier G PS Vita Closed Beta Announced

A closed beta testing phase for Monster Hunter Frontier G PS Vita, the port of the online entry of the Monster Hunter series, has been confirmed for Japan.

The news comes directly from producer Kazunori Sugiura, who has also confirmed that recruitment for the beta testing phase will begin next week. Sugiura san has also confirmed that those playing the game on PlayStation Vita will be able to play together with the PC / PS3 players as well as share data with the PlayStation 3 version.

Monster Hunter Frontier G is a MMORPG and first spin-off in the series originally released on PC and Xbox 360 a while back. The game is also the only MMORPG of the series, featuring the same gameplay features gamers expect to find in a Monster Hunter game. Monster Hunter Frontier G is also supported by Capcom with updates and expansion packs.

The PS3 and Wii U versions of Monster Hunter Frontier G have been released last year in Japan. A subscription fee is required to play with the actual download of the game being free. The PS3 version comes with trophy support as well as a beginner’s pack including various weapons and armors. The Wii U version is fully compatible with the Gamepad and Wii U Pro controller.

Monster Hunter Frontier G is now only available in Japan at the moment. Capcom hasn’t ruled out a possible Western release of the game but nothing is currently planned.

Monster Hunter Frontier G

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